Spirit Now Psychics


SpiritNow.com is a site you wont want to miss if you enjoy psychic reading or spirituality. You can have a free introductory five-minute psychic reading at this site, something not every site offers. Not only can you call for that introductory offer, you can get an instant, online psychic reading for free to answer one question about love, money, astrology or tarot. What is great is that this offer is available for every first-time visitor. Readings are available via the phone or chat for your convenience. Psychics are also available that speak English or Spanish.

This site states they are “the Internet’s leading source on celebrity psychics, astrology, ancient wisdom, the metaphysical and more. Designed to inspire, educate and entertain.” One of the best things about SpiritNow.com is that it is not “just” a psychic reading site, but you’ll find much more for the spiritual seeker here. Someone who loves psychic readings and spirituality will find a lot to do and enjoy when they visit here – and even more to keep returning for.

You can get your free daily horoscope at SpiritNow. It is easy to stay connected to the site via Facebook, Twitter and Google +, so you can receive updates on fun spiritual topics. Membership at SpiritNow.com is free.

There are many sections that have articles on a variety of spiritual topics from Horoscopes, Psychics, Sylvia Browne, Angels, Love, Feng Shui, Dreams, Tarot and 2012. Articles include “Find the Name of Your Soul Mate” and “Surviving Spiritually After a Break Up” and “His Sign in Love.”

The astrology section is lots of fun, where you can check your Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope and Monthly Horoscope. You can also sign up for your free Horoscope by e-mail. There is even a romantic Zodiac Love Matcher that will tell you if someone is compatible with you via their zodiac sign. You can also find your Zodiac Soul Mate, a very unique tool. Enter in your name and exact birth date and SpiritNow.com will tell you who your Zodiac Soul Mate is. There is also a fun Egyptian Astrology tool, where you can receive a free Egyptian Astrology Reading, by adding in your name and birth date You can even use the Celebrity Starmates tool to actually check out exactly who shares your birthday, or let your friends know what celebs have their birthday. There are lots of fun articles about astrology, don’t miss the Cosmic Date Planner to help you have a romantic date according to your zodiac sign, and Astropets, which will tell you the zodiac personality of your beloved pet. Astrobaby gives you tips about what type of adorable baby you’ll have, according to their zodiac sign.

Don’t miss the Videos section in each of the section. In the Astrology section you’ll find astrology predictions each month, via video. In the Sylvia Browne section, you’ll find videos on many spiritual topics. In the Love section you’ll find great videos to help have a spiritual and psychic love life.

SpiritNow.com is the only site I’ve seen that offers so many features to its visitors, and on such a wide variety of spirituality topics.

Summary: SpiritNow.com is your complete spirituality and psychic reading destination. For live phone or chat psychic readings in English or Spanish, and also for fun spirituality topics.

Rating: 5 / 5

Gold Psychics


GoldPsychics is a psychic reading site where you’ll find a psychic available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. New customers can try a free 3-minute introductory psychic reading at the site. You can find psychic readings on a variety of topics, from love & relationships, astrology, tarot, life questions and spiritual readings.

One of the things you’ll appreciate about GoldPsychics is that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They guarantee that you will talk to the advisor of your choice, on your time and your schedule. They guarantee personalized advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And they also guarantee a confidential, safe and secure site for your enjoyment.

It is easy to get started at their site. You choose from the topics at the top, and you’ll see the top-rated psychics available for that subject that can speak to you now. Read their bios and select the one you would like to talk to. Remember to look at their per minute rate, as it is different for each psychic. Every new customer receives the new 3-minute introductory offer. The site is a little confusing because on one section of the site it mentions a 2-minute introductory offer, and another section says new customers receive a 3-minute introductory offer. But still, a free introductory offer is a very nice warm welcome gesture indeed. Psychics are available via the phone. No chat readings are available. Psychics are available in English and Spanish.

When you visit GoldPsychics.com, you can sign up for your Free Daily Horoscope. It is easy to stay in touch and up-to-date with your star zodiac forecast. The site has other fun features, including helpful tips to let clients receive the very best psychic reading – a must-read especially for those new to psychic readings, but even those who have had regular psychic readings may appreciate this too.

One thing that is missed about GoldPsychics is there are no additional features. It is a site ideal to visit if you want a psychic reading. There are plenty of psychics available for lots of different types of readings. But there are no other fun features to enjoy. Otherwise a great site.

Summary: GoldPsychics.com is a good site to visit for a psychic reading, promising confidentiality and excellent customer service. Phone readings only, available in English and Spanish.

Rating: 5 / 5

Psychic Ville Psychics


PsychicVille.com is the site to visit to receive a genuine psychic reading. Their motto is “Real Psychic Advisors” and they have been featured on Fox TV. New clients can receive a 5 minute psychic reading for free, or 1 free psychic question via chat. PsychicVille.com offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, something you just don’t see at every psychic reading site. This inspires confidence in their psychics and the psychics’ skills.

Psychics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is very convenient for clients, as you can call whenever it fits into your schedule. If you have a few moments right after school or work, or you want to call just before you start your day, you’ll always find a great psychic. Best of all, the psychics at PsychicVille.com offer honest and genuine psychic readings, so there is no worries about a psychic telling you what you want to hear, or “sugar coating” something. They will tell it as it is, something most of us really appreciate when we receive a psychic reading. It also shows the psychics at PsychicVille.com are both confident and gifted. There is no fussing around, just straight down to business. Psychics are available in both English and Spanish.

There are reasons to choose a phone reading or a chat reading, both have their benefits. Some like to be able to talk to someone on the telephone, to hear their voice. Especially if you aren’t a fast typist, and haven’t used chat technology before, a telephone reading may be the option that you want to choose. But don’t be shy about trying a chat reading if you are curious about one. With a chat reading you type in your questions and they type their answers back. It may surprise you how quickly you can type when you are interested in receiving psychic answers to your questions! Chat technology is pretty user friendly and customer support is available. Give both a try and see which one you like the best.

If you click on a section at the top, like Tarot Readers, you’ll be shown some of the top psychics who are available. You see their photo and a profile. You also see their direct extension at the 1-888 telephone number. A variety of reading types are available. You can find psychic readings on popular topics such as Love & Relationships, Money & Finance, Astrology, Dream Analysis, Tarot Readers and En Espanol (In Spanish). There are lots of psychics to choose from and as you read their profiles, very likely you’ll find a good match for you.

For the client who is looking for a psychic reading, and has concerns about a psychic being genuine and honest, PsychicVille.com will probably put your mind at ease. Their psychics have a 100% satisfaction guarantee behind their readings and promise to give an honest psychic reading to each client. This is something that would make many seeking a psychic reading have a lot of confidence in a psychic reading site.

Summary: PsychicVille.com is a psychic reading site, ideal for the client who wants to feel reassured they are receiving an honest and genuine psychic reading. Readings are available via phone and chat, and in English and Spanish.

Rating: 5 / 5

Psychic Source Psychics

Psychic Source

Psychic Source has been a psychic hotline site since 1989, more than 20 years. They credit their success to both having gifted psychics and a commitment to top quality customer service. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just as the psychics are. Psychic readings are available by telephone and also online through chat. Video readings are not available. At times Psychic Source also offers free e-mail readings to customers.

Psychic Source offers a guarantee that you will be satisfied with your psychic reading. If for any reason you are not satisfied, contact Customer Service and let them know. Your account will be credited. This guarantee is a helpful offer for just about anyone who wants a psychic reading, they can rest assured knowing that they will find the ideal psychic advisor to connect with. Their Satisfaction Guarantee is this: “If you’re not happy with your last live psychic reading, it’s free!”

Psychic Source does say that your refund or credit needs to be requested within a day of the reading and can only be applied to your most recent (last reading) reading. It also says that psychic readings cannot be guaranteed because of the “long-term nature of some content, and the role that each individual plays in fulfilling his or her own destiny.” Their terms sound very practical and fair. Certainly if you think you want a refund on a psychic reading, it is up to you to request one within a business day. And of course they cannot guarantee you a psychically predicted future, because no company or individual we can think of does that!

The filtering tabs to help you choose a psychic are very helpful. You can choose a psychic by what tools they use, from Angel Cards, Numerology and Spirit Guides and more. You can choose a psychic by what Subject or Expertise they have such as Love, Career or Life and Destiny. You can choose them by their Specialty such as a Career Psychic or a Clairvoyant. You can select an English or Spanish speaking psychic. You can choose according to reading style, from Compassionate, Direct, Thoughtful and more. Then also if you want a Phone or a Chat reading. It is helpful and practical to let you get the reading you want, but in some ways can also be a bit overwhelming to have so many choices.

This site has a great email list that offers great opportunities for clients. You’ll receive your complimentary horoscope, spiritual/new age themed news and special offers via email. To receive this special email you do need to have a Psychic Source account, which is free to create at the site. It is also free to sign up for the email. It is very convenient to have your horoscope sent to you regularly and also to receive spiritual/new age themed news and articles. Anyone who enjoys psychic readings will appreciate receiving special offers from Psychic Source. The only challenge with an offer like this of course, is if they are sending “too much” email which for one person could be a good amount and for another person they could consider it to be too much email. But try it and see if you like this feature, you’ll only know if you try.

A fun feature at Psychic Source is their cell phone alerts. These offer a few very helpful features for clients. You can receive alerts about your favorite psychic readers, status on returning calls or appointments with psychic readers, special offers and surveys. This is a great way to stay updated on your favorite psychic readers or know about special offers from Psychic Source. Again, the challenge with this is how many alerts they are sending out by email, some could think they are sending out “too many” and others could think the amount is just fine. The only way you will know is to try.

Psychic Source also offers Membership Rewards, which are free to sign up for. Members can earn $25 Bonus Dollars for every 175 talk minutes a month. You earn 3% Rewards Dollars on each purchase. Clients can also earn up to $50 Bonus Dollars each month, this depends on how many psychic readings you receive.

Summary: Psychic Source is a psychic advisor site that offers readings via telephone and chat, in English and also in Spanish. A free Membership Rewards program, email and cell phone alerts for clients.

Rating: 3 ½ / 5

Oranum Psychics


Oranum is a “Global Esoteric Community.” This is the site to pick if you want to video chat with a psychic. They also offer e-mail readings and phone readings. Oranum has given 312,056 psychic readings. Their psychics are tested and they offer a money back guarantee.

While it is exciting to have a video chat reading, there are other things about their website that make finding a psychic a bit more challenging. You’ll see a tab listing All Psychics and this is what you need to click on to get your options, from Palm Readings to Love and Relationships and more. On my first visit to their website, I could easily see they did video chat readings, they even show psychics doing a mini “demo” reading at different times on their site. But there’s nothing on the home page that tells you they also do e-mail and phone readings, a great feature any client would appreciate in a psychic advisor site. I only found this when actually searching for another feature. Oranum says clearly on their home page “Video call the world’s most renowned Psychics for only 0,99 credits/min.” It says nothing about other options, which it does offer.

Click on a psychic’s profile and you’ll see a unique feature: it lets you know what languages they speak. This is so helpful to anyone looking for a psychic who speaks a specific language. But while this feature is helpful, it would be even better if there was a way clients could search by it. It is helpful to know that some psychics speak Italian for example, but if you have to look through pages and pages of psychics, hoping to find those that do speak Italian, this is a lot of work for someone looking for a psychic reading.

The psychic’s profile also lists their schedule, but not every psychic has filled this out. A schedule can only be helpful if it is used. Especially if you want to plan a psychic reading for later that week or in advance, knowing the psychic’s schedule would be very helpful. The only way to contact a client for a private reading is to order one, there is no way to contact a psychic to schedule a reading. This is a disappointment for any potential client.

Video chat readings would appeal to many who have visited psychics, who want to see them turn over the tarot cards or use other divination tools. Or they just want the experience as if they have visited the psychic in person, and video is a great way to feel as if you are right there with them. But without the ability to reserve an appointment, a client is missing out on a great opportunity to video chat with their favorite psychic.

Psychics offer demo readings but they actually do not answer psychic questions during these demo times. While some might be disappointed the psychic doesn’t take questions during this, the demo is a great opportunity. You can see the psychic, hear their voice and get a sense of their personality and how they answer questions. This can help you decide if you want to see them for a reading. Oranum appears to be trying to make psychic readings online more interactive by offering the video option, unfortunately their website makes it harder to use their services to the fullest potential.

Summary: Oranum specializes in video chat psychic readings. Their website encourages an interactive experience, but it is difficult to use search options to find a psychic or answer questions about their services easily.

Rating: 3 / 5

LiverPerson Psychics


Liveperson began in 1995 and is a site where you can find psychic advisors and other expert advice. Psychics are available via telephone readings and chat. There are no video chat psychic reading options available. Psychic readings are available in English and some psychics do speak Spanish.

All psychics are listed under the Spirituality & Religion section, and you will find many psychics to choose from. This is the ideal opportunity to find a great psychic for guidance and wisdom. At Liveperson you’ll also discover that they have tabs to help you choose exactly what type of psychic you would like to speak with. So whether you want someone to delve into your Past Lives, do Palm Reading, Tarot Reading or for Love & Relationships or more, you’ll find these options available. What is exciting is that you’ll also find some options you don’t see at every psychic site, psychics who specialize in Palm Reading, the Kabbalah, Paranormal and Eastern Philosophy for example. There is also a small button at the top of the page that “hides” busy psychic advisors, so you can only see which ones are available if you wish to. This is an easy and convenient tool, especially if your goal is to get a psychic reading now.

You also have the ability to sort your results, by Highest rank, New experts, LIVE online and then also by price (Highest price, Lowest price and also dollar amount options).

It is certain you can find a great psychic here. The search options are helpful in creating a list of psychics to choose from. But there are a few challenges. What if you are looking for a psychic who specializes in something that is not one of their listed categories, like a pet psychic or someone who uses the I-Ching? There is no way to search for them. Either you find a psychic based on the popular options they have selected for you, or you can’t find a psychic without paging through long lists of psychics hoping some will have the skills or abilities you are looking for.

The other challenge at Liveperson is that you have many psychics to choose from. A search can bring up dozens of psychics to choose from and for some this can be an overwhelming number to select from. For some who visit, this can make a selection of a psychic advisor a frustrating one.

A client also cannot get a sense of the psychic advisor’s style, whether they are no-nonsense, inspiring, compassionate or have another type of reading style. Some who receive a psychic reading want someone warm and caring to give psychic guidance. Others want someone who is direct, with “no sugar coating.” Here at Liveperson the only way you’ll get a sense of the person’s reading style is by reading their bio and also reading the reviews customers have left them. Sometimes the reviews left for them are very short and other times they are more descriptive. But a feature helping clients know about a psychic’s reading style here would be very helpful.

Not every psychic is ideal for every person. But that doesn’t mean that psychic is any less accurate or skillful. Sometimes it is simple chemistry, a good match in personality types. Often it is a communication style. If you are going to ask questions that are important to you, then you want to ask someone who you feel truly understands how you feel. When you communicate in different ways, it makes it all the harder to have that true connection and to understand on a deep level what they are trying to say to you, even if they are giving you top quality, accurate psychic information.

Summary: Liveperson is a psychic advisor site with many psychics. The site navigation may make it more challenging to find the exact psychic if you are looking for one that does not meet their most popular categories.

Rating: 3 ½ / 5

AskNow Psychics


AskNow’s motto is “Your Trusted Source for Psychic Advice.” At this site, clients can have both telephone and online readings. They offer an introductory offer of a free five minute reading. AskNow has psychic advisors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AskNow’s headquarters are in Clearwater, Florida but their clients are located all around the globe. Phone and online chat readings are available. Video psychic readings are not available for customers at this time. AskNow is also available in Spanish at  http://www.preguntaahora.com/. They have a mobile site to conveniently work on your cell phone (mobile phone).

At AskNow your reading is covered by a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel your psychic advisor is a good match, end your reading and contact Customer Service. Your AskNow account will be credited for up to 10 minutes, so you can then call or have an online reading with a different psychic advisor. This guarantee is something you don’t see everyday from a psychic reading site, a client can feel hopeful they will find a psychic they will have a good connection with and a great reading – or they can try another without spending additional funds.

While this guarantee is helpful for some, it may confuse other clients. They may feel that they “should” try psychic after psychic, until they find that “perfect” psychic who gives them the answer they’ve been hoping for. When you ask a psychic a question, sometimes the answer you receive is not the one you hope for, but is one that will help you receive wisdom and clarity about an issue. To go out and seek psychic advisor after psychic advisor, using this satisfaction guarantee is a bit disappointing, rather than simply absorbing the psychic guidance you have received originally. Something for spiritual seekers to think about.

Every psychic at AskNow is tested and screened for accuracy and professionalism. While hundreds apply, only a few are actually accepted by the psychic advisor site.

The site AskNow is easy to navigate with tabs to help you find different types of psychics in favorite categories many clients prefer. You can search All Psychics if you want to see all of the psychics available. Or you can look at Love & Relationship Psychics, Astrology Readings, Discover Past Lives, Psychic Chat and Try a Tarot Cards Reading to name some of the categories. Clicking on a tab will help you find the psychics that specialize in that type of reading, whether it is doing astrology readings or love & relationships psychic readings or even psychic chat.

A great benefit to using the AskNow site is that for every psychic, you will see their schedule for the next few days. This is so helpful, especially if you are thinking about getting a reading soon or are considering scheduling a psychic reading. Knowing when each psychic is available offers you great flexibility and also means you can schedule an appointment if you prefer. Each psychic has a photo and a bio. There are starred ratings (with five stars being the top rating) from customers who have received psychic readings.

The site also offers fun features for clients to enjoy. Blogs at the site offers tips and advice on a variety of spiritual and new age subjects in different topics, from Life Coach, New Age News, Love & Romance, Family & Relationships, Psychic Readings and Numerology. You can read your complimentary horoscope at the site also, for each astrological sign. The astrological readings page also lists what Lunar Phase we are currently in, and tips for how to successfully navigate it.

Summary: AskNow is a user-friendly psychic advice site offering phone and online readings to clients in both English and Spanish. Fun blogs and free daily horoscopes to enjoy.

Rating: 4 / 5

Keen Psychics


Keen.com has been a site offering psychic readings and advice on many topics since 1999. Many have contacted them seeking psychic advice and since their start, millions have received some type of advice. One of the great benefits to using Keen.com is you can find psychics available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This offers clients a great convenience as they can receive a psychic reading just about any time they would like one. New customers to Keen.com are given a special offer of 3 free minutes for their first call, all psychic readings and other advice is conducted via the telephone or chat (over the computer). Video readings are not available.

Clients can find psychics in several main topics: some of the most popular include Psychic Readings, Love & Relationships, Life Questions, Tarot Readers, Spiritual Readings and Psychic Mediums. Once you’ve made your selection, use the Sort by feature to choose how to view the psychics. You can view Featured Advisors, Highest Rated, Availability, Less than $3 a minute, Less than $2 a minute.

A fun feature at Keen.com, psychics have blogs that you can read. Reading a psychic’s blog may give you a good sense of whether this is the best psychic for you. If you like a psychic with a sense of humor, look for one who posts blogs that are spiritual but also funny. If you want a compassionate psychic, look for a psychic who posts spiritual blogs with a caring touch. Try reading at least several blogs to get a sense of their personality, don’t rely on just one or two blogs to tell you about who they are. Blogs are also a great way to follow your favorite psychic, between psychic readings.

Each psychic lists a profile telling you about themselves. At Keen.com you’ll also find ratings from clients who have received psychic readings. Reading both the profile and the ratings left by clients may be quite helpful in choosing a psychic advisor. The ratings at Keen.com are dated, so you can see how recent a rating is.

On a psychic’s page it will quickly let you know if they are available or not. You also have the ability to request an appointment or even send them mail. This is a very helpful feature if you would like to set up an appointment for another day or you have a question about what divination tools they use or anything else about their services.

There are many psychics available at Keen.com. It is easy to feel like a “kid in a candy store” with a good selection like this. But some may find it challenging to navigate Keen.com’s website with limited options, or search elements that aren’t easily found. If you are looking for a pet psychic, you have to use their drop down menu or enter the keyword into the search box. Tarot and Astrology are the only divination tools listed you can search by for psychic readings. A spiritual seeker who is looking for a specific type of psychic meeting certain criteria, may have to be more patient as they search through profiles.

Summary: An extensive psychic and advice site with many psychic advisors available. Keen.com is more challenging to search than some of the other psychic websites, be patient to find results.

Rating: 3 ½ / 5

California Psychics

California Psychics

California Psychics has offered psychic readings since 1995, they are a well-established psychic business. According to their website, just 2 of the 100 psychics that apply to California Psychics meet their standards, with regards to accurate psychic information, compassion and a professional attitude.

Clients of California Psychics can join Karma Rewards, a free membership club that offers benefits for anyone who enjoys using this site. Benefits include $20 added on your next purchase, 350 additional Karma Points on your second purchase, a Free Astrological Birth Chart (valued at $20) and other great benefits to enjoy.

All psychic readings at California Psychics are done over the telephone. Getting a telephone psychic reading is easy and convenient, any moment you are in need of wisdom and clarity you can contact a psychic for guidance. Select the psychic you wish to speak to and the amount of time you want to speak to them for. Video and chat options are not available at this site. You can give a psychic your mobile phone (cellphone) number, but you cannot receive a text reading.

At California Psychics, you can call a psychic at any time or you can make an appointment. There are benefits to choosing either method. Having a psychic available whenever you need wisdom or clarity is so helpful, anyone can appreciate this. Setting up an appointment is also ideal, especially if you have a busy schedule and need to plan out the time to meet with your psychic. Some may even choose to have a standing appointment with their psychic once a week or once a month so they can tap into that guidance and clarity on a regular basis and ask any important questions about love, career, family and life.

California Psychics makes it easy to choose a psychic. On their Home Page you’ll find tabs to the right with options to help you select the best psychic for your needs. Whether you want to speak to a psychic about love/relationships, pets/animals or deceased loved ones, you can find that psychic who specializes in these subjects. You can also find psychics who use certain tools, such as the Tarot, astrology, numerology, runes, crystals or I-Ching. This is a fun option because you can choose a Tarot psychic if that is the psychic you prefer. You could select a psychic who uses a tool you’ve never tried, to see what this experience is like. Many who are spiritual seekers appreciate and understand that each divination tools offers a unique different perspective. A client can also search by a psychic’s abilities, such as empath, clairvoyant, dream analysis and medium to name a few. Each of these psychic abilities can offer you a psychic reading but they have some different benefits. A clairvoyant can look into your past, present and future with a psychic sense. A medium can communicate with those who have passed on. With dream analysis, a psychic can help you to discover the meaning and symbols that a dream is trying to psychically communicate with you. California Psychics also lets you search by the psychic’s style, something anyone who is looking for a psychic reading will certainly appreciate. So whether you want to see someone who is inspirational, compassionate or straightforward you can find the psychic who will communicate in a way that you most prefer. Clients can also search by price, a very helpful search tool. Take advantage of these tabs to help you find that ideal psychic for you.

Summary: California Psychics offers many different types of psychic readings. Their site is easy to navigate. Readings are only offered via telephone (landline or cellphone/mobile)

Rating: 4/5