Are You an Indigo Person?

The term indigo people can be heard often in the world of spirituality, but a clear definition is rarely present. Some use this as a term that people have some kind of spiritual or super natural ability, like seeing ghosts or spirits. This is more of a watered down or even a cultural understanding, but the actual definition of an indigo person is quite different. This article will share not only the definition of indigo people, but help you determine if you are an indigo person. Perhaps you are and do not yet know.

It is no secret that the world is pretty messed up and inequality can be found everywhere. Each side feels they are both right and the best, but what if what seems to separate us is merely an illusion? The truth is that the core of self of every human is the same. We all desire happiness, to live peacefully with a purpose, and to feel loved. Indigo people are aware of this and usually arrive to emphasize this new way of living.

Indigos are people that understand that we are relatively behind when it comes to our spiritual life and essence. They have come to revolutionize the world in their way. Indigos typically have a very strong sense of individuality and are unafraid of anything, as long as they are on their correct and enlightened path. The messages the indigos carry is clear: Something is not right in our rigid system and they are here to usher in change.

If you are an indigo, you will likely fall into the following areas:

  • Creative and Innovative – Questioning everything, you usually reject going along with others simply because that is what is done. You want to know the meaning behind every act and often the meaning is to purge the old ways and replace them for the benefit of all.
  • Anti-Authoritative – Deep down, an indigo knows we are equal, so a hierarchy seems odd. Having to be fearful of someone just because they are in a higher position just does not make sense to you. For the indigo, things that separate humans are being useful to others and empathy. Material possessions mean little.
  • Feel Like You Do Not Fit In – This is a common feeling for indigo people. They feel something strange in the way most people interact and socialize because they know soul growth is the most important thing.
  • Unusual Spiritual Experiences – Indigo people tend to have strong ties to their spirit guides, strong intuition, or empathy to help them understand, discover, and make their mission come true.
  • Unstoppable – Once an indigo person finds their mission, they are brave, even in the face of opposition. They stay true to their authentic self and search only for true happiness.

Being an indigo means you will be lonely. You may never belong to a place and live secluded your entire life. You are meant to shake up the old world and introduce new ways. If you are one of the indigo people, find other indigos. Join a community and connect. This will help you even further on your journey.

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