Manifesting Karma

Send Karma to Someone

When someone hurts you or does something wrong to you, you might want to manifest karma into their life. This can have both pros and cons.

Manifesting Karma Pros

There are some pros when it comes to manifesting karma on someone. You might be excited to see the bad things that happen to them and if its someone that has really hurt you, chances are that you will see the consequences of what they did to you.

If they have hurt you, then you might think its only fair to hurt them back. On top of that, this can motivate that person not to hurt other people. Once they see the bad things that they have done to you then they might do better in the future and not hurt anyone else.  This can help them to have a better life, and this can overall help everyone else then.

Karma can be bad and if people know that karma might come to them for how they are acting then they can act better, and this can be good for everyone.

Manifesting Karma Cons

There are also some cons when it comes to manifesting karma on someone. It is important that when karma comes, and it hurts someone that you know that it can come back to hurt you as well. You will create a cycle that never ends, and it will just end in more and more suffering for you and others.

Also, you have to remember the other people that are part of that persons life and know that it is going to affect them as well. Manifesting negative karma on someone is going to hurt those that love them, and this will cause a lot of pain that you could have stopped.

Manifesting to cause hurt to someone means that you are doing this out of anger, hurt, frustration or some other kind of negativity. Its not a good idea because the more negativity that you put into the universe the more negativity will come back to you.

Manifesting Karma on Someone

Once you understand that manifestation can be good and bad, you might wonder if you can manifest karma on someone safely. The truth is, there is no guarantee that this will be safe, and it won’t come back to hurt you.

The truth is that manifestation comes from vibrations and when you open up your vibrations to hurt someone, you are doing this out of anger. You might want the universe to get back at someone and make them feel the same pain that you felt, and it might cause this person to get sick.

But what if you decide to release this to the universe instead and let the universe take care of any hurt while living your best life and reaching your higher good. Let the universe take care of everything.

Is Revenge Worth It?

Releasing the situation to the universe can help you to have guidance instead of revenge. This means that you trust that the universe is on your side and that its taking care of you even if you don’t see it right now.

This allows your vibrations to get higher and if you’re angry or your upset, you can release it. It might not feel the best right now, but you will see that this can bring you peace and a positive outcome.

Love and Light

Sometimes though people won’t just choose love and they will instead choose to manifest karma. There are some rituals that you can do if that is what you choose to do and the first thing that you will need is some black candles and some black art manifestation oil.

The black candle represents the person that you are putting the negative karma on, and the oil is going to amplify the ritual. Putting these items together will do black magic and will cause a curse to work.

You have to have the right amount of oil to do your spell to make the manifestation work. Once you have your oil and your candles here is what to do:

  • Put oil on the candle and put it all over as you visualize the person you want to curse.
  • Put the candle on an altar or the place you are doing the spell.
  • Say, “I curse (person’s name) and wish them the pain that they put on me.”
  • Let the candle burn completely and then get rid of it by breaking it in piece or burying it.

This is an easy ritual, and it will take your energy that you focus on the person and send it to them. Remember, this can come back to you in three-fold because it is black magic.

Manifest Healing

Maybe instead of doing black magic you just want to manifest healing instead. Find a way to support your healing and do this by asking the universe to heal you. Don’t focus on the bad things and the hurt that you feel but focus on taking care of yourself. Here is how you can get some better karma in your own life:

  • Take a vacation and focus on yourself.
  • Take a mental health day.
  • Do something nice that you love to do like go out to dinner or get a massage.
  • Commit to finding happiness even in small ways.

No matter how you do your self-care, by doing this you are going to win. Take care of yourself and see that your life will get better, and you will feel at peace with yourself.

Final Thoughts

You can use manifestation for something negative and getting revenge on someone or you can use it to bring peace and happiness in your life. Remember, set your intentions, and focus on getting rid of the negative energy and replacing it with something positive. You are the one in charge, make the right choices.

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