Sacred Space for Meditation

Creating a Sacred Space for Meditation

When you really get into meditation, you want to create a space that is sacred for you and a place that will bring calmness and peace into your life. There is a thing called a meditation table and it is normally a bench or a table that is small and ha a flat surface. You should be able to sit around this small table and to meditate without distraction.

The surface of the meditation is only a little bit of the importance of the meditation table but it is more about using the table to help you to grow in your spiritual being. Having a table that is simply makes it easier to conform to and you can put things on your table such as candles, crystals, and other things. You can also make the area comfortable by adding a cushion or a rug that you can sit on.

You aren’t limited to what you can add to your meditation table. While some keep it simple and just add a crystal or two, others choose to add flowers, personal items, affirmation cards, books and more.

Make your dedicated area special to you so that it supports you completely inside and out. It doesn’t matter what kind of table that you choose as long as it serves its role in making you feel strong in your spiritual being.

Busy Living

Most people spend the majority of their day being busy and living their lives through their jobs, family, and children. Imagine that when you get done being busy with all life throws at you that you have a comfortable and inviting place to go and relax.

This is a table that will be full of life for you and a place where you can set your intentions to guide you and to show you what you need and want in your heart, mind, and soul. Breath deep as you go to your meditation table and focus on what you need to better yourself spiritually and mentally.

Take a moment to feel safe in your space and let your emotions go You can do whatever you need to in that space because it’s yours and its mean to bring you peace and calmness. This will lead to joy and happiness as time progresses.

Shape and Size of the Table

Your meditation table can be anything that you want. It doesn’t need to be small or big and it can be any size that you desire. You might want to have a table that is smaller so that you can add rugs and cushions to sit on but that is totally up to you.

Items for Your Meditation Table

Pick items that you feel drawn to so that you can add them to your table. This can be candles, crystals, affirmation cards or anything that brings you peace and calmness. Use these things to connect with yourself and the universe.

Setting Up Your Meditation Table

You can set the table and organize it any way that you want. There is no specific way to do this. This should use your creative abilities and you should be able to let your heart free when making this table your own.

How to Use a Meditation Table

Take time to figure out what you want your meditation table to be for you and then create your space around this. Set your intentions and make sure that you clear your mind when you are creating your table. Take a few minutes before you create it to meditate. This can help you to have answers that you’re seeking and to know what you want to create.

Creating Your Meditation Table

Chances are that you have a small table in your home that you don’t use for anything. This can be the foundation that you start with. You might have extra pillows or cushions that can make your area feel inviting and calm.

If you want something different, look online and find you a table that will be sturdy and will fit your room well. This is once again totally up to you and what you want to use as a table within your area.

Making a Meditation Table

Here are the steps of making your meditation table:

    • Set intentions: Before you decide what kind of table to use make sure that you have a space set up. Get rid of any negative energy out of the room before you start. Journal your feelings and your thoughts and get started.
    • Choose the table: It doesn’t have to be an actual table that you use, and you can use a desk or a bench. This is completely up to you. Be as creative as you want to be in what you choose.
    • Pick things for the table: Find things that you want to add to your table that brings you peace and joy. Let this be things that you connect with and things that make you grow spiritually.
    • Find the perfect place: After you get everything in order and you’re ready to set up your table, meditate and find the place that is perfect for your placement. Make sure that the placement of your table feels exciting and calm and not stressful or negative.

What to Use for Your Meditation Table

There are so many choices of things that you can add to your meditation table. Be creative with this and make sure that you are making this area your own. Here are some things that you can use:

  • Candles

There are so many different kinds of candles that you can use to add to your meditation table. Candles are meant to be used to bring calmness and for spells and other things. Pick ones that work for the color of things that you are meditating for. Remember, the flame can be a way that you can get into your meditation zone.

  • Crystals

Crystals are pretty and they have healing energies. Put crystals on your table that you feel drawn to and use them while you are meditating to manifest things in your life.

  • Affirmation Cards

When you need to be able to be quiet and to calm your mind, having affirmation cards can sometimes help. Thes can help you to say positive things and to be able to concentrate on positive energy. Practice saying the cards before you start meditating and you will see that these cards can have a meaningful impact on who you are and how you feel.

  • Moon Decorations

The moon is powerful when it comes to manifesting and living a good life. Find moon decorations that you can add that help you to remember the connection that you have with the world around you. Remember the phases of the moon and when to really reach out into the moon energy.

  • Other Decorations

Some people choose to use spiritual things like singing bowls or sound machines in their meditation rooms. You can add these to your table. You can also add spiritual books and other spiritual decorations such as a Zen garden or a chakra tree.

  • Textiles

It is important that you have things that you can sit on so that you can be comfortable. Some people will use a rug to sit on and others will go all out by adding pillows, blankets, cushions, and other comfortable things. This can also bring out a pop of color to your space.

Final Thoughts

Creating a meditation table can help you to have a balanced and safe place that you can go and meditate in. This can allow you to have calmness in your mind and your spirit while you grow and seek out who you are. Using positive affirmations and other resources can help you to follow your heart and to feel encouraged.

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