Opening the Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye

The third eye is one of your main chakras and it works with the pineal gland. It knows when light is coming into your eyes, and it helps to put you on a normal sleeping cycle. The pineal gland also releases melatonin in your system. Many people look at the third eye as the window to the soul because it is special in what it does for you.

The third eye is activated when you do meditation, Kundalini or you open up the Spirit Molecule. There are different ways that you can do this, and it has been done for years and years.

All Across the Times

Even since ancient times the Assyrians knew about the pineal gland and what it did. Egypt would use the Eye of Horus as a sign and the Freemasons would use it in their symbolism. It was known in France and even Buddha used an eye on his forehead to symbolize enlightenment.

Getting the Third Eye Open

As you meditate you can feel pressure in your third eye. This happens because there is power there and energy and it can open if you use the right methods.

Methods to Open the Third Eye

Here are some ways that you can open up your third eye:

  • Meditate

Some people will meditate for a few minutes a day but if you want to open up the third eye then you need to try and do this for at least 30 minutes each day. Make a habit of meditating and learn to relax.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that is very powerful, and it can help with inflammation in your body and puts nutrients in the blood. You need to use this each day and some people will even put some on their forehead to activate the third eye.

  • Water

Drink filtered water so that you can get rid of toxins out of your body. Try your best to drink the cleanest water that you can and if you have to buy it then make sure that you find some that is filtered.

  • Herb of Gurus

The Herb of Gurus or Haruaki is an herb of India. It was known as “King of Herbs” and is recommended to help open up the third eye and to give people energy and help with digestion. 

  • Eat Healthy

Opening the pineal gland takes time and if you want to see it happen then you need to make sure that you are eating healthy foods. Here are some of the best foods to open the third eye:

  • Watercress.
  • Avocado.
  • Parsley.
  • Pineapple.
  • Coconut.
  • Banana.
  • Non-Fluoride Toothpaste

Find toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride. This can be a toxin to your body if you use too much of it and it can lead to health problems later.

  • Avoid Hot Showers

Don’t take showers that are too hot, especially because the water is tap water. This can cause your pineal gland to calcify. Try to filter your water even in the shower and know that all the water can go in through your skin. Instead, try a cold shower.

  • Tamarind

Tamarind is a tropical tree, and it is part of the Ayurvedic tradition. This has fruit, bark and pulp and can help to get rid of fluoride that is stored in your body.

  • Listen to Binaural Beats

Binaural beats can change your state of mind and activate your pineal gland. You can use these on tracts or find them on YouTube and they can help you to meditate and open up your third eye faster.

  • Green Powders

Another thing that you can add to your diet is green powders. These can be mixed with warm water, and they can improve your mind and your body. They can give you energy. Other things to try include Moringa, Spirulina and Wheatgrass.

  • Electronics

Avoid using electronics as much as you can and avoid electric light and radiation. Sleep as much as you can and let your body become energized and stabilized from the energies. Put your phone down before you go to sleep and stay off your electronics for a while.

  • Look at the Sun

The pineal gland loves the sun, and it knows when you are out in the sun. The sun can give you energy and light is part of your spiritual awakening. Spend time out in the sun and see how your body changes. 

  • Iodine

Some people don’t have enough iodine, and this is needed to get rid of extra fluoride out of your system. Try to take an iodine supplement or you can get it by eating yogurt, cranberries, kelp, and potatoes.

  • Do Yoga

Try your hand at yoga. This is one of the oldest spiritual practices that there are, and it can help to open up all of your chakras. The pineal gland works with the crown chakra as well and so when you activate it by doing yoga, you can make your energies powerful.

  • Go in Nature

Take time to get out of the house and go out in nature. Go walk in the grass, sit by a tree, or just breathe the air. Listen to the birds, watch the bugs, and do whatever you can to connect with the world around you. This is who you are, and you should do this as often as you can.

Final Thoughts

Try these things above and see if they can help to make your lifestyle healthier and help you to get your third eye opened quickly.

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