Manifest Your Desires Today

Manifest Your Desires Today

Manifestations help bring tangible items into your life through attraction and belief (If they build it, they will come).  But manifestation go beyond positive thinking and willpower into becoming a way your very thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions can shape your reality.  Although people approach manifestations differently, it is vital you know exactly what you want as you are the only person that fully knows your dreams.  Set as clear an intention as possible.  So, if you want to gain your ideal job, develop as detailed of a picture of what would make a job perfect to you as possible.

After clearly identifying your hopes, dreams, and goals, firmly ask the Universe for what you are working towards.  This may be done in ways like prayer, meditation, visualization, speaking out your intentions, a vision board, or a future box.  You may also choose to write down out your intentions, like writing a letter to the universe or using the 369 method where you write down your goals in the following order:  3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night for 33 days.

Begin working towards your goals

Manifesting is a co-creative act where you partner with the Universe to shape your dreams.  But manifesting goes beyond knowing what you want to actually putting forth the effort to achieving it.  Allocate time every day to take action of steps you can take to reach your goals.  For example, if you want to move to a new home you need to begin looking at local listings and exploring new neighborhoods.  Another type of action you can take is asking yourself about the mindset of your future self.  This will help reframe your mind to embody a successful outcome by becoming the person you desire to be in thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Be both mindful and grateful for what you actually receive

Realize you may not get everything exactly you picture, or in your intended timeframe.  But it is import you acknowledge the receipt for blessing and show thanks for each benchmark no matter how big or small.  Gratitude is key in manifestation and it can be helpful to have a gratitude journal which you record aspects in your life every day around bedtime that you are appreciative for and how they are bringing your closer to achieving your goals.  For example, if you are looking to meet the love of your life, you may want to show gratitude for a new dating app you signed up for or an enjoyable first date.

Release obstacles and limiting beliefs

It is important to keep a clear and healthy forward path as your work on manifesting your desires.  This includes purging fear and stopping negative self-talk.  When you tell yourself that you are unworthy, or not smart enough, you are also sharing that lie with the whole world and coloring their perceptions of you.  If you aren’t careful, you begin acting out in an off-putting manner and create a negative self-fulfilling prophesy.

To releasing your limiting beliefs, you must first identify them.  Ask yourself about the beliefs you may have that are hurting you.  Write down your answers, crossing out the lies and replacing them with affirmations.  Likewise, replace negative feelings expressed with positive ones.  If your limiting belief is “I am never going get a fulfilling job” replace it with “I am doing work that I love.”  Next, go further and the next time you find yourself questioning your value like “I’m undeserving of love,” pause and write out all the reasons you are deserving.

Keep tabs on your energy

Energy is life and we get back the energy we put forth into the world.  People who constantly emit negative energy will attract other negative thoughts or feelings.  Yet, when we can shift to a more positive mindset, you will attract more positivity to help you along your way of achieving success.  You can instantly boost your energy when you focus on cultivating feelings of happiness or service like listening to great song, helping serve food at a homeless shelter or practicing some self-care like meditation or yoga.  It is also help to focus on the ways you want to feel, like if you want more peace, focus your energy on compassion and forgiveness.

Trust in the process

Be flexible since the manifestation process is fluid.  The order of your actions steps is secondary to your belief in trusting your actions, visions, and insights.  Harness your faith to be a motivator and guide.

Manifesting love and money are possible

Everything is possible with manifestation, including relationship dynamics and abundance.  However, it is important to only manifest people who will aid you in fulfilling your desires.  Focus on attracting people that align with the person you are becoming.  Therefore, with romantic partners it is important to focus on the type of person that will make you happiness and show you with affection.  Just remember, to manifest love or money, like anything, you are required to put forth sincere effort and hard work.

The easiest way to manifest your dreams is to become as clear as possible about your desires.  Never give the Universe mixed signals!  Always take firm action since working towards your goals is critical, and you should always be receptive to the opportunities the Universe passes along.  As you ask the Universe for assistance in attaining your goal, pay attention for any signs of progress.  You are the only thing that stands in your way of successful manifestations.  Seize this moment and begin the hard work of envisioning and achieving your dreams.

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