Lightworkers and Marriage

Lightworkers and Marriage

A lightworker is someone that does work for the spirit world and tries to heal and help those in the world. Some wonder certain things about lightworkers and when you read this, you will find information about what a lightworker does and who they are.


Some wonder if a lightworker will have a soulmate since their true purpose is to work hard to help heal people until they go into their next incarnation. They will go back from where they come from, but the truth is, a lightworker is just like a soulmate because we are all incarnate beings.

An incarnate soulmate is never really alone and a lightworker will have a connection with someone from this lifetime or from a lifetime before.

Most people have plans that are made for them before they are even born, and this will help decide what they need to do to learn and grow. They will be put into a certain soul group. The thing is though, there is always free will so things will change over lifetimes depending on decisions that are made including spouses, careers and even destinies.

If you have ever had a familiar that you felt very close with, chances are you were once living together in a past life.

Twin Flames

Lightworkers are just like us and they can have twin flames, just like we do. A twin flame is different than a soulmate because that person is there to help you reach your higher self and is the other half of your soul. This is your soul self. The twin flame will come in your life as a parent, a friend, a work colleague or even as a romantic relationship.

Twin flames will incarnate at the same place and they will often have deep love with each other and will have each other to learn lessons and to grow. Sometimes the relationships will last forever and other times they will be a short connection.

The twin flame journey does not mean that you will have a happy and long-lasting relationship, this relationship normally comes through karmic means and so it is different for everyone.

We have free-will and so this changes our reality depending on what we do. We can be destined to meet someone that does not happen because of decisions that we make. We can also have disagreements with people we meet and refuse to speak to them again.

Falling in Love

Some people wonder if a lightworker will get married, be in love and find happiness but the truth is that depending on what the universe wants is what will happen. Having relationships creates karma, learning creates karma and having children creates karma.

This can be confusing because some people are single, and others have long romantic relationships. Lightworkers are people and they have feelings and desires that other people have, and they want to be in love and have a passionate relationship.

A lightworker has great qualities and they have good traits that are easy to fall in love with such as happiness, love, kindness, giving and more.

Nothing is stopping you, if you are a lightworker, from falling in love. You should not focus on romance, but it does not mean that you do not deserve it. Maybe you have been in relationships where you attract abusive people and you just need to get your vibrations higher. You can find a lasting and happy relationship if you reach out to the universe to help you.


A lightworker is a person just like you and me. They are psychics, mediums, healers, teachers, nurses, doctors and other people on this earth. They deserve to have happiness just like everyone else.

Even though a lightworker has a mission to work to help others, this does not mean that they will not find someone to love and get married. As the earth changes, this person will move to their next incarnation and when they reach the third dimension, they will learn and grow.

No one should influence you to say that you cannot meet someone and if you fall in love, by all means, get married. No one probably deserves this happiness more than a lightworker does.

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