Protecting Your Aura

Protecting Your Aura

If your aura, even if radiant and glowing, is left unprotected, it becomes sensitive to outside energies. The unwanted energies affect your aura and can affect the physical body as well because the two are intertwined, one affecting the other at all times. With so much negativity in the world, we must protect our energetic signature and when we are attacked energetically, we must still be able to stand up for our truth, even when it is tough. Below are simple, yet powerful ways to create a protective shield for your vibes so that you can maintain your peak energetically and physically.


This is possibly the simplest way to provide yourself auric protection, but it is also very powerful. Visualizing a protective field surrounding your aura each morning provides a negativity shield that will keep your aura radiant. This is a wonderful addition to a morning meditation practice because it only requires a couple of minutes. Even if you do not yet meditate daily, this is easy to squeeze in with just a few moments of quiet mindfulness. To do this visualization, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Imagine your aura filled with love that glows and grows with each breath. Once your image of your aura is clear, imagine a bubble around it. Anytime during the day you feel you need protection, tap into the visualization.

Crystals and Symbols

Another option is to wear protective stones or symbols that offer energetic protection from bad vibes, but also serve as a visual reminder to take other steps to protect your energy. This works very well when you know you will be in large groups. There are numerous stones and symbols that can shield your energy, but a few are shared below to get you started.

  • Labradorite – This is great for mental, physical, and spiritual protection as it shields you from unwanted energies and can heal energy leaks in your aura
  • Smoky Quartz – This is a powerful grounding stone that will keep you anchored and feeling protected and safe
  • Black Tourmaline – This stone is ideal for rituals and spell work as it creates a protective shield while also clearing and balancing the chakras
  • Hematite – This stone will help block negative energies from entering your aura and get rid of negativity that is currently present


If you feel your energy needs an overhaul then try working with a trained healer. Search for Reiki or energy work healers in your area. Seeing a healer regularly will refresh, restore, and protect your aura as well as help you feel better physically. Much of this work can also be done remotely if you find a practitioner that is not in your area.


If you are looking for moderate auric protection, like protection in a workplace, salt can help absorb negative energy. This is a protective tool that is passive and easy to obtain. Keep a cup or bowl of salt on your desk or in your home to keep bad vibes of those who visit at bay. Salt is also an aura cleanser, so if you feel exposed to bad vibes, take a salt bath to cleanse and restore the aura.

Shield Meditation

If you already have a strong meditation practice in place then you may already be experiencing the benefits. Meditation raises your vibrational levels and intensifies the aura. Doing a white light meditation is standard as a protective shield, though golden light meditation is sometimes suggested. Black energy can also be powerful in banishing unwanted forces or spirits, so find what works best to meet your needs.

Sound Healing

Escape to another plane to revitalize your aura with sound healing. Sound healing will keep your aura in top condition and leave your body buzzing. Try some of the following to get started.

  • Singing bowls
  • Chanting mantras
  • Tuning forks
  • Gongs or didgeridoos
  • Audio tracks

Get Grounded

For moderate protection, get grounded. Grounding activities activate the root chakra and help you feel protected.

Above all, live your life to your fullest potential knowing you are safe and protected with these techniques. You have all the tools you need to protect mind, body, spirit, and aura.

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