Psychic phenomena

Psychic Phenomena

Many intellectuals dismiss such psychic phenomena as telepathy and pre-cognition as false and nonsense. They see these things as irrational and superstitious.  Yet a number of credible people believe in these things because for many, personal philosophy includes room for things beyond what is perceived as ‘normal’ reality.  Normal is simply  what we are used to. There are many things beyond our current perceptions. As we gain more information about the world around us, we are expanding our field of knowledge, when we make room for more information, we make room for more possibility.  These possibilities include room for psychic phenomena.

This new information includes knowledge about our own consciousness.  Science tells us that consciousness comes from brain activity and is merely an illusion of our own cognitive activity. While there is no concrete evidence prove this, it is an accepted assumption.  Years of research has come no closer to explaining this leading to a theory that consciousness is not produced by the brain, rather the brain receives its knowledge from all of the consciousness around ups.   This means that consciousness is created by the universe for the brain to receive. We then process it to connect to ourselves and our lives.  This theory supports the phenomena  of telepathy as it suggests a shared consciousness.

Some pure scientists purport that telepath can not exist because it refutes the laws of physics. This is befuddling because if we believe psychic phenomena we then have to reverse our ideas of how the universe works.  Current research with quantum physics suggests that separate particles of matter are still somehow interconnected. This means that, microcosmically, all things are connected, thus proving the possibility of telepathy. And if this phenomena is possible, aren’t others possible?

Empirical evidence supports the ideas of precognition and telepathy.  Experiments performed by psychologists  show significant evidence supporting psychic phenomena.  Any dispute of this research has been dismissed when the experiments were repeated with the same results.

The strongest evidence for psychic phenomena is usually found within the oneself.  Many people can cite situations of coincidence and chance that seem to mean much more than they appear on the surface.  This also includes  precognitive dreams.

Scientists don’t trust hearsay and anecdotes, as well they should. It isn’t evidence, but it can be seen as support when combined with other evidence.

Something to think about when considering psychic phenomena is why some are so eager to dismiss the paranormal.  It is only human nature to want to explain the world around us. This is scene through the cultural mythology of societies and in religions. Needing a framework for a belief system is only human. If one is questioning their beliefs, perhaps they need to explain  themselves by questioning the unseen.

The main thing to remember, regardless of what others believe, is to examine the evidence you believe in. Compare your rational thought with your questions. Go with your feelings and then decide for yourself.

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