Why Do Psychics Ask Certain Questions?

Why Do Psychics Ask Certain Questions?

People often think that psychics automatically know things and know everything. If this were true, it would take the fun out of life and life would no longer be a mystery.

Psychics have incarnated into the human form just like you and I have and therefore they have to face things in life just like we have faced.

In order to know things, your psychic has to reach your Akashic records so that they can get answers for you. They also have to dig into your mind and your emotions in order to get answers that you want or need.

If you want to know more about yourself, you can ask a psychic to help you to figure things out.

Psychic Search

Psychics can get information about you from online. They do not always know what they are looking for but there are so many sources online that they can find out almost everything there is about you.

The thing with a psychic is that they can also reach into your emotions and your thoughts and they can help to navigate through your mind and your spirit to understand you.

There are different states of mind and tools that can be used in order for a psychic to be able to understand your life or the lives of others. Internet and other online sources can help psychics to gather information.

The great thing is that even our phones, computers, tablets, and more are very easy to access and are similar to a scrying bowl. These are ways to get information and they are a type of stone that is very black and very deep.

Questions and Answers

When a psychic reaches an Akashic record, it gives them information about everything in your life. It can tell them who you have been with, where you have been, the good and bad deeds that you have done and more.

This is a tool that they can use to get information from their clients, and it allows them to understand you more and to answer your questions.

The psychic will ask you some basic questions such as:

  • What is your name?
  • Why are you coming to me for help?
  • What is your sign?

Once the questions are asked, the psychic can help you to figure out what you want and need.

Psychic Library

Most psychics have tools that they can use such as numerology, tarot cards, astrology, tea leaves, crystal balls and even telekinesis. They have different tools that they can use and then on top of that, they can access your Akashic records.

Everything about you is in the Akashic record and can help to reference your life and to help them to view things about you.


Think of your psychic reader as a librarian. They can get with the spirit world and get all the information that they need about you.

If you are looking for a specific reading, let your psychic know what you want to know and allow them to reach your Akashic records to help you grow in your life.

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