Changing Your Aura Color

Changing Your Aura Color

Your aura is the energy around you and there are different levels of your aura.  Your aura is your protection from negative energies and the negative energies can stick to your aura and cause your aura to change colors.  When your aura changes colors, it means that things in your life have changed.  It can mean that you are working to change your thoughts and your life so that you can be happier and have a healthier life.


Everyone has an aura but not everyone can see the aura.  The aura is the spiritual part of your being that is within each person.  This is usually not seen by our eyes and unless you have the gift to see the aura, it is basically invisible to you.

The aura attracts different energies that come depending on what is going on in your life.  If you are tired or negative, it means that you are experiencing a dull aura and your aura needs to be bright in order for you to have a good life.

Since you are always picking up different energies, they can be positive or negative.  A positive energy will help you to feel happy and will keep you physically well.  Negative energies will cause you to feel sluggish and sick.  By changing your aura, you can change the energy level and thoughts that control your life.

Steps of Change

It is easy to change your aura and the best way is that you believe in it.  You have to believe in your aura in order to change it and if you are spiritual, you understand that your aura is important to your being.  No matter what religion you are, you can believe in your aura and figure out a way to change its colors.


If you meditate daily, you will see that this will change your negative energies to positive energies.  You will see that your chakra will be balanced better and that you will feel better and healthier.  You will notice that you feel strong and that you are getting rid of the negative feelings that you have had for a while.

When you are sitting in a dark room, light a candle and deep breathe until you feel the negative energy leaving you.  Meditate each day so that you can stay positive.  Never give up on yourself.

Healthy Foods

Eating healthy can increase your aura and give you a healthy life.  Eat organic foods and try to stay away from fattening and processed foods.  Don’t smoke or drink.


Exercise each day and this can help to take away stress.  Try yoga, running, cycling, or join a gym and do strength training.


Stay away from busy places because you can pick up the auras of other people around you.  When you have to go into a busy place, or even to work, meditate first so you can center yourself.

Spirit Guides

Ask your spirit guides to help you.  If you are in doubt, call on them to come to your rescue.  Get advice from them and let them send you signs that they are listening.  You might see a feather floating or a shiny rock.  All of those things can be signs from your spiritual guide.


One of the best ways to increase your aura is to be thankful.  Be thankful for good things and for bad things.  Take each thing as a learning lesson and be thankful for it.  Don’t take for granted the universe or the things that have been handed to you.  Be grateful for what you can do and what you have been given.


Change the way that you think.  Think positive things and always try to be in tuned with your surroundings.


Try to stay positive and speak positively.  Don’t let yourself talk negatively, to others or to yourself.  Don’t let your negative self-esteem hurt you.  Don’t speak against things and don’t use words that hurt others.  Be positive at all times.


Look at all of the possibilities that come in your life.  Look at things as a positive and see miracles.  Know when good things happen to you and change how you see life.


Be kind to people and give of yourself.  When you want to let your aura shine, give ot others and this can be your time or the energy that you have.  Talk to people and help them.  Believe in your words and know that they are powerful.


If you want to change your aura, pick what you are lacking and work on that.  If you want to be treated better, give to others.  If you need compassion, give compassion.  Surround yourself with colors that you want your aura to be.  Don’t overdo it, just do enough.


No matter what you are wanting, no one wants to have an aura that is dull.  If you want new things or fancy things, you need to see them in your mind and call them to you.  Imagine things in detail and picture having things that you have always wanted.

You can do this with your aura too.  To change your aura, imagine what you want it to look like and find the colors that you want your energies to be, and get there.  You can do it.

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