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How to Live with a Painful Soul Contract

Many people wonder why they are experiencing so much pain in life. We can utter platitudes about how pain helps us grow, but those philosophies don’t help comfort us in sorrow or disappointment.

Some of this pain is coming about because of a soul contract. A soul contract is an agreement that you made with your spirit and with your soul that ensures you develop in your spiritual journey. This contract, even with the pain, helps you move toward a road of truth and love. This can involve connecting with soulmates through these agreements to learn and grow.

It’s like you are a balloon. The most difficult part of blowing up a balloon is the first few breaths. It gets easier to blow into it as the balloon stretches.

But how do you get through it? There are seven ways to make the pain more bearable and life easier as you continue on your path.

  1. Realize that life changes and consists of both good and bad, joy and pain. Life is like rolling hills for there are ups and downs. This part of your life will not last forever. There is joy ahead.
  2. Know that pain is there to motivate you to change. The deeper the pain, the more you want to move past it. That could involve making a major decision, such as a job change or leaving a relationship. However, some may not see an obvious major change coming in their life and that can be frustrating. Even so, you can make subtle healthy changes until you find the solution that brings you joy and improves your life.

It is important to see your soul calling on these small levels so you can follow through on small tasks. Doing so will relieve the pressure of a soul contract.

Small tasks can be something like eating a dessert at lunch, buying yourself a floral bouquet, or joining a stretching class. Go for a walk, play with your dog. Do something that makes you smile.

  1. You can change your situation with better habits. People will always feel more stressed when they don’t take care of themselves. They throw themselves into work, stay up all night working on projects or taking care of home chores, and eat frozen food because they don’t have time to cook.

None of this is good for your soul contract. These types of habits make you feel worse and put you into a downward, uncontrolled spiral that you feel is inescapable. Try changing your daily routine with a nutritious meal, getting plenty of rest or balancing your checkbook. Doing these little things will make you feel like you have more control. That helps you think through the rest of your problems.

  1. Don’t be afraid to trim your life. Trimming is a good thing. We keep our hair and nails trimmed. A lesson can be learned from grapes. Every year, grapevines must be trimmed to nearly nothing. They look dead and empty but will bud leaves and wonderous grapes in the spring and summer. The trimming is necessary for the plant to produce more and better grapes. Failing to cut them back would reduce the amount of fruit they produce because the dead material blocks growth.

It’s the same way in life. You need to know that pruning your life, or allowing God to do so, will ultimately produce excellent growth. Pruning means letting go of things that are taking up space, either physically, mentally or emotionally, to make room for new joys and adventures.

A good way to get started on trimming back can start practically by cleaning out your closet. You may have an emotional attachment to some of your clothes and shoes, but understand you won’t have room for new things until you get rid of some of the old.

Once you apply the concept to something physical, learn to apply it to other parts of your life such as relationships, career, and your past. Once you learn to let go of things that bog you down, you will have plenty of room and positive attitudes for future blessings.

  1. Clear your home of old energy. The easiest way to clear old vibes out of your home is by singing or dancing. A lot of pain can be released through music, such as playing the drums or the guitar. Pain and old energy needs a physical outlet, so find one. Doing this regularly will change the energy in your living space and you will feel better.
  2. Realize some things are out of your control. Stress develops when we can’t control the outcome of our situation. We feel victimized and possibly in a state of panic regarding a possible outcome. Do the best you can to provide everything for a positive outcome, but then let it go.
  3. Be authentic. Many times, we fake our way through life to move ahead in a career or to get along with family. This is living a lie and can cause stress and pain under your sole control. You can’t walk in a way just to please others. You also can’t hide your issues from family and friends to appear “normal.” Be honest with yourself and others.

Yes, soul contracts do some with pain at times. If you learn how to implement these strategies and follow through with them regularly, you will find the pain lessen and more joy come into your life.

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