Do You Hear Someone Calling Your Name

Do You Hear Someone Calling Your Name? Why?

Have you ever been doing your own thing in your house and out of nowhere you feel like someone said your name? You know no one is there and you turn and look around but there is no one. You wonder what this was all about? The truth is, this can be a sign that you have one of the clair gifts, clairaudience. This means that you have clear hearing or that you can hear into the spirit world.

You might even hear full sentences, or you might hear the words or emotions that other people have. You might hear this in your mind or hear it in your ears.

You aren’t imagining these things and you aren’t crazy. This can be a sign from your angels that you are needing to have a message and they are trying to communicate with you.


Clairaudient means that you are able to receive messages from the spirit world. People that have this gifting are often able to be aware when they hear messages from the spirit world.

These messages can come in the form of sounds or even music or ringing in the ears. Some people can hear voices or hear what sounds like someone is talking to them.

If you hear your name being spoken and no one is there, this can mean that the angels are trying to communicate with you. They will say your name because it is part of your identity and they know that it will get your attention.

It is important to know that angels can call you by your name to get your attention, but they will not always give you messages that you can hear, sometimes they are in signs.

Signs of Being Clairaudient

There are other signs besides hearing your name called that can help you to know if you are clairaudient such as:

  • Sensitivity to noise.
  • Needing to have quiet time.
  • Talking to yourself a lot.
  • Creativity.
  • Connecting to yourself.
  • Feeling music inside of you.
  • Having childhood imaginary friends.
  • Being someone that people vent to.
  • You learn best when you hear things.
  • Ringing in your ears.
  • Picking up on signs easily.
  • Able to hear animals.

If you have many of these traits, then you need to take time to work on yourself and to increase your giftings.

Why Angels Say Your Name

Sometimes when someone is calling your name, it happens because they want to communicate with you from the spirit world. This can be your guide trying to tell you things such as:

To Be in Tune with the Spirit

The guides know that you can tune into them and when they need to give you a message, they need you to tune into them. They need you to listen and pay attention and to have an open mind.

Loved Ones

If you hear your name being called, it can mean that a loved one that has died is close to you. They want you to pay attention that they are there and to show you that they love you.

The angels are learning how to communicate with you so that you will listen. People that are clairaudient don’t always feel the same things and sometimes angels will speak to people in different ways such as sending butterflies or dragonflies in their area.

The guides will do what they can in order to get your attention.


When the spirits call your name, they get your attention. This means that they can give you a message. Once you hear your name and you start looking for who said it, they can know you are ready to receive.


When you are open minded and you are open to your intuition, you will pick up on things in the spirit world. When you hear your name called, it helps your spirit to grow.

You can tune into the clairaudient gift and be open to get messages from your guides. Pay attention to what they are trying to tell you and they will give you messages that will help you in your life.

Have you ever heard your name being called? If so, you might be clairaudient. Be open to what messages your guides want to give you and be ready to see your life changed.

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