Emotional Overload

Overcoming Emotional Overload

Are you an empath and you have a hard time getting over feelings because things hurt you differently than they hurt other people?

If you are someone that is highly empathic, it means that you are able to pick up on the emotions of people around you and you might not even know if you are carrying your own feelings or the feelings of others.

Being an empathic means that you are very sensitive to the people around you and when you have a problem, it is stronger than other people. You often will be burdened by the emotions of people around you and you have feeling that become heavy and hard to bear.

As an empath, you might have gone to addictive behaviors such as drugs or alcohol because you didn’t understand your energies and your emotions and so you turned to those things to ease your pain.

If you are an empath, here are some ways that you can break free from your addictive behaviors and handle your emotions:

Be Aware

You need to be aware that you have a gift and that you can use this for good. If you are around people that are angry or sad, your mood will change, and this is their emotions and not yours.

Being aware can help you to know if you need to have alone time or not.


You have to learn to understand that we are full of energy and that your emotions will respond to your environment because of that energy.

Do not be around people that are angry or that energy is negative. You need to make sure you are being positive and not judging or being critical.

Show love and allow yourself to be kind and caring and forgiving.

Don’t Take it Personally

As an empath, you cannot take things personally. You will pick up all kinds of energy and drama along your way and chances are you will suffer sometimes because of it.

You cannot let this energy cause you to feel negative or down on yourself. You are not responsible for the energy that other people put out. Learn to love yourself and not be afraid of where you are going.

Have Balance

Make sure that you are always balanced and that you are meditating and reaching your inner being. Make sure you let go of drama and you do whatever it takes to heal you on the inside.

Heal your life and your emotions and practice meditation and deep breathing. If you are super sensitive, you need to understand how your energy affects you and work from there.

Give yourself power to realize that you can react a certain way and that you can respond to things differently than you wanted. You don’t have to react negatively or to withdraw from people because of your feelings.

Life will be hard sometimes and you can figure out how to be positive and to have happiness. Find people that will support you and love you and find people that will not put you down.

Being an empath is a gift from the universe and you need to embrace it and learn to open up your heart and realize that you are on a journey of a lifetime.

Everything that you go through is going to help make you strong and help you to connect with the energies and the things around to heal yourself and others.

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