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Feng Shui Tweaks for Your Home

The practice of feng shui is about mindfulness and taking time to slow down and notice the details in your life so you can enjoy the present moment. The actual words feng shui mean wind and water in Chinese. Wind is representative of the breath and humans are almost 60% water. As vital life elements, these are the basis of feng shui. Feng shui has roots in Buddhism and Taoism, but today it can be seen around the world and in many cultures. We understand that our surroundings can greatly affect our energy and wellbeing. By connecting with the spaces around us, we can better celebrate both our inner and outer worlds. Feng shui says we are all interconnected with everything being alive. There is magic in the making as we make our bed each morning, walk through a door, or look out the window. Below are some ways to help your home be created with feng shui in mind.

Command Position

A fundamental and effective principle in fengshui is known as the commanding position. This means that certain objects should face an entry way door. The most important objects that serve in the command position are the desk, bed, and stove. The main door to a room is called the mouth of chi and it is thought to be a portal through which energy comes into the home and your life. When you are cooking, sitting at a desk, or sleeping in your bed it is best to see the door, but not be directly aligned with it. It is best to be diagonal to the door, while still facing it. This is not always possible so adjustments like a mirror that allows you to see the reflection of the door can help balance things out.


The front door and entryway to the home represent the way you face the world outside your home. This is also how the world first sees you. Keep this area clean and clutter-free with only the items you need. The interior and exterior entry need to be well lit and the door number clearly visible. The is because auspicious opportunities need clear signs to find you.

Activate the Front Door

The front door is both metaphorically and literally the way energy walks into your home. On an important day like the new moon or your birthday, between the hours of 11 AM and 1 PM, write out a list of nine wishes using a newly purchased black pen on a sheet of red paper. Read the list aloud and then mindfully sign it. Fold the paper and place it in a red envelope. Securely position these intentions above the front door. Each time you walk through the door, you invoke the energy of these wishes so they can manifest in life.

Balance the Bedroom

Your bedroom symbolizes you and is the room that affects you the most. We spend hours sleeping in our beds, so it is a room of the utmost importance when it comes to feng shui. As mentioned, the bed should be in a commanding position, but space should be available on both sides. This means you have space for your partner or future other half. Each side should have a nightstand, even if they do not match, they should be of similar size with at least two feet of walking space on either side. A solid headboard brings stability in your life and creates harmony. Take time each morning to make your bed for supporting you the night before. This energy will resonate throughout the day until the bed welcomes you back the next night.

Mindful Color Choice

The use of color when it comes to feng shui is related to the five elements of metal, water, earth, wood, and fire. These are all found in nature and bring energy to create balance. So, if there is some elemental energy that you require more of, you can add more of the related color to create it. If you are lacking in self-care and stability, add more earth elements that include tones in orange, yellow, and brown. A dark wood headboard can be grounding for your relationships. Metal elements are off-white, gray, white, and metallic tones that bring clarity and precision that helps you expedite goals. Accents of black call on the water element for flow and wisdom, while wood energy can kick start new beginnings with teals. Red, representing fire energy, adds passion and recognition and can easily be accomplished with fresh flowers.

What to Avoid in Feng Shui

Since the elements that can create a space have been discussed, we must also share things to avoid when practicing feng shui. These are shared below.

  • Blocked Doors – Doors are important in feng shui because they are energy portals. Every door in your home should be able to open a minimum of 90 degrees without clutter being a block. When doors cannot open, the positive energy coming into your life is compressed and your full potential cannot develop. It affects how your life path is experienced and leave you cramped instead or open. Doors further represent your voice to the world, so a blocked door may mean you are not being heard.
  • Broken Objects – Broken items can become obstacles that hold you back and cause stress. Fix or toss broken items so you are not blocking yourself from something amazing.
  • Overstuffed Closets – Let go of clothing that is not needed or worn. This sends a message to the universe we are complete, but have room for magic.
  • Dusty Objects and Corners – If objects in your home are collecting dust, it may be an aspect of your life that has become stagnant and ignored. If you truly do not need an object, donate it. If there is a room you do not enter, look inside, move things around, and create some positive energy.
  • Dirty Windows – Windows represent eyes in feng shui. When we have dirty windows, we cannot see the world clearly and may get caught up in our perceptions instead of truth. Clean windows regularly and watch as joy and light come into your life.
  • Crooked or Low Artwork – If someone is depressed or has low energy, you may notice low hanging art and mirrors in their home. This can bring down the chi and should be corrected.
  • Under Bed Storage – Under the bed is not a place for storage. You need air flow around you in feng shui, especially while sleeping. DO not keep anything under the bed, especially anything dangerous. Also keep items like shoes or books, anything with active energy from under the bed. If you must use under the bed for storage, make sure it is something soft like linens.

Now, get started organizing and cleaning to create the life and energy you desire.

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