How to Know You Are a Medium

Even though everyone has the abilities to be able to connect with the spirit world, the difference between connecting and being a medium is that a medium can connect with the spirits on demand.

Power of a Medium

The challenge of being a medium is not to connect with the spirit world but to be able to keep the connection. When you look at your power, it doesn’t mean that you have to have control of everything in your life.

Your power is different depending on who you are but the best thing about being able to have power is to surrender yourself to things. This allows your power to be stronger.

To reach your power, you have to get rid of mind chatter and noise from the world around you. This means that you cannot let judgements hold you back and the expectations of this world cannot cause you to miss out on things.

Each day you should look deeply at yourself and what you want in your life. Once you learn to be still and to understand yourself, you will believe what you do. You are a human being, and you will have different experiences in your life.

Once you learn to create a connection with the universe, your feelings will change, and you will forever be connected to it.

Being in the Power

Here is what it means to be in the power:

  • You have peace but excitement at what you can do.
  • You ask the spirit guides to guide and support you.
  • You can listen and hear your intuition very clearly.
  • You can get messages from the spirit world.
  • You are connected to all souls.
  • You believe in unconditional and pure love.


Once you are in your power you are able to be quiet and you can see that life is not anything close to being boring. You can have joy from who you are, and you can see that you have the abilities to be whatever you want.

Once you are able to face yourself, you can learn to get the messages that you want to hear. You will become more confident in who you are.

Being confident can help you to be able to reach the spirit world and to work on the techniques to make you even stronger than you ever imagined.

When you encourage yourself and allow yourself to have strength, you can become light to the world, and you can help those that wish to reach the spiritual world.

Once you feel a strong connection tot eh spirit world, you will see that you can take your gift of being a medium and you can make it stronger. Learn to connect with the powers and to develop your giftings even stronger.

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