Understanding the Clair Giftings

Understanding the Clair Giftings

Everyone has different psychic abilities, but some people are able to recognize their giftings and then they are able to develop them. Some have strong instincts and others have strong intuition that helps them to know that they are connected to the universe.

There are five main clair giftings that people have, and everyone is able to use these gifts in order to reach their higher self and to get information that can help them to know things about the past, present or future. Others are ablet o connect with the spirit worlds and talk to their angels, guides or even relatives that have passed on.

Most people do not have all five of the clair gifts, but many people have many that they are able to use in order to attune to their giftings and use their sense to learn and to know more things. Some people can develop their clair giftings and use them strongly in their lives.


Someone that is clairvoyant is able to have “clear seeing” This means that they are able to use their third eye to know things and be more aware. This is a French word, and it is a practice where people can get answers to things that they do not have the answers to. They are able to have mental pictures and be able to talk to those that have died, see into the future, or get information about what someone is feeling.

Clairvoyance is a way that you can use visual things to learn about things in the spirit. This is a strong psychic gifting and many people with this gift are photographers, artists, or designers because they are able to use their visual to make things happen. The best way to increase this gift is to open your minds eye and to listen.


A person that is clairaudient is able to hear things such as messages from the spirit world. These are sounds that can be music, someone talking or other sounds. These are signals that can mean that someone is speaking to you, or you can hear a chatter in your head.

Not everyone that has this gift is able to hear in the spirit world, but some are able to hear noise that is audible. Many people get messages but there are times where these people are able to predict things that are going to happen because of the messages that they get.

Auditory messages are significant and sometimes they can save people from death when the clairaudient takes action of the noises that they are hearing.

People that are clairaudient are great listeners and they can take extra steps to listen deeper.


A person that is clairsentient is one that has clear feelings. They are able to use their intuition to work through situations. They will get messages that they need to listen to, and it will be feelings that might overwhelm them.

They will get positive or negative messages or feelings and when they listen to them and take action then they are able to do things that will keep them safe. The universe is looking to keep people safe and if they are clairsentient and they listen to the universe then they can do physical actions to follow what they know.

Most people with this gift are very sensitive and are often doctors, counselors, therapists or other helps works.


A person that is clairalience is someone that can smell things clearly. They can detect odors without other people being able to smell them.

This can be a vivid thing to them, and it can be an experience that is very emotional. If someone has passed over and they have left a scent behind, someone with this gifting can smell them. This can be a perfume, smoke, or other things. It is a great gifting to have, and it can give someone a sign that their loved one is near.

People with this gifting often work in jobs such as perfume creators or someone that creates things with scents.


A person that is Clairgustance is able to taste things. They are able to know things that they feel around them by the taste that comes in their mouth.

There will be different flavors that come to them, and this will give them signs that someone that they know, or love is close to them. This can be a friend that is sending a message or a loved one that has passed away.

This is a gifting where it can be a message that can leave people feeling good in life. These people are often chemists, or they do things that can help people to find out their allergies or they can detect certain flavors to make recipes better.


Everyone has the abilities to have different clair gifts and if you find that you are drawn to certain senses then this can be a sign that you are clair gifted in that sense. Learn to pay attention to what your body and your soul are trying to tell you.

Do not dismiss messages that your spirit is giving you but set yourself apart and embrace your giftings.

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