Psychic Sign of Telepathy. Are You Telepathic?

It is possible to know if someone is thinking of you and when you are absorbed in things like life and work, you might even get feelings when you should check up on someone, mostly because they are thinking about you.

We all have these things in our lives that happen to us and make us think of someone that we have not talked to in a long time or maybe someone that was an old lover, but you keep getting them on your mind over and over again.

You have probably had times when someone was talking to you, or you meet them and realize that you were thinking about them and maybe they were thinking about you.

The ability to know if someone is thinking about you is called clairsentience. This allows you to feel other people’s emotions and to focus on someone even if you are not completely attached to them.

This happens through telepathy and without using your senses and can happen with people that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. This can be very emotional, and you can use this ability and signs to know if someone is thinking about you. You have to learn to be more mindful of others and yourself and you can increase this ability.


If you are with people that you love and you are laughing and having fun and then all of a sudden you become very sad or angry out of nowhere, it can mean that you are on someone’s mind. This can cause you to think about the same person at the same time.

Itch in the Eyes

Having allergies is one thing but if you don’t have allergies and your eye starts to itch or twitch, chances are someone is thinking about you. This can mean that they are having a negative or a positive thought about you.


If you are eating out and you begin to cough or choke, chances are someone is thinking about you, and it is a sign of tension.


When you are outside and you are walking around or you are inside and you are thinking about someone in your life that has recently died, you might get a sign from another world such as a feather comes in your path.


One of the biggest signs that someone is thinking of you is that your cheeks might start to burn. This can be strange and make you feel that you are having a fever, but chances are it means someone is talking bad things about you.


One of the big things that happen to someone is they will sneeze out of nowhere. This means someone is missing you and thinking about you.

Ears Burn

If your ears burn, it can mean that an old crush is thinking about you.


One sign that is negative is hiccupping., This can mean someone that is in drama is doing something to make themselves look good and are making you look bad.


Whatever happens in the earth can be happening in the spirit. Everyone is connected with an energy and this can help you to understand when someone is thinking about you.

When you are connected to people and have a strong connection, they can reach out to you by thinking about you. This is a natural gift for an empath who can feel the emotions and feelings of others.

If you are a psychic or an empath when someone is thinking about your chances are you will feel it.


Some people will get information through dreams where they will see signs or symbols. This can be a sign that someone is thinking about you.


Some sensations int eh physical can mean that someone in the spirit is talking or thinking about you. Maybe you will feel like someone walked by you or touched your back.

Chances are you will have energy and a feeling that follows it. You can figure out this sensation and the telepathic message that they are giving you when you are connected.

Next time you feel any of these things, take time to think about who is thinking or talking about you.

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