Seven Signs Your Spirit is Communicating with You

Seven Signs Your Spirit is Communicating with You

Our spirits use emotions, magic, poetry, metaphors, patterns, and symbols to communicate with us. Human languages are too limited to fully express the range of profound insights, knowledge, and revelations that our spirits have to share with us.

Spirit communication is a birthright of every human being. Reconnecting with your spirit offers an endless spectrum of teachings, insights, and gifts, plus the direction that will connect you with your life’s purpose and your innate wholeness.

Tuning in to your spirit manifests physically in the glow in your skin, the sparkle in your eyes, and the energy you transmit. But most people are mere shadows of what they could potentially be. We live our lives scrounging for whatever comfort or warmth we can sense, when in truth, our spirits are the ultimate source of the fire and warmth we seek.

Spirit communication isn’t reserved for shamans, healers, enlightened people, or psychics. Everyone can learn to tune into the subtle expressions of their spirits and rewire their desensitized brains. We all can listen to the vital wisdom from our spirits and spur their growth with its life-changing insights.

There are many different ways to actively communicate with your spirit. One simple way to begin is to pray to it. Try saying something like, “I love you, dear spirit. I’m grateful for how you uphold my life. I’m honored by your presence, and appreciative of your messages. Please communicate with me. I’m accessible and ready to receive. Your guidance is welcome.”

To continue communicating with your spirit, it’s important to learn to pay attention to all of the different signs it’s constantly whispering to you. There’s a wide array of signs, but here seven of the most common ones you should watch for.

  1. Dream signs.

Western psychologists maintain that dreams are one method that the subconscious mind uses to make sense of things. But in ancient Greece and Egypt, dreams were messages directly from the spiritual realm. Other cultures believed dreams were a method of revelation and a gateway to higher consciousness.

Most modern healers believe that dreams provide important truths and information about our destinies and lives. Dreams can allow access to new insights, provide alternate interpretations of inner feelings, and allow interaction with spirit guides.

Paying attention to the dreams you have and the stories, symbols, and images in them can enhance your spirit communication skills. It may help to start keeping a dream journal, where you can immediately record your impressions. Dream dictionaries may also help, but note that their examples are highly generalized, while dreams are contextually dependent and intensely personal.

  1. Lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming is the experience of being fully conscious while you’re dreaming. Lucid dreams offer the opportunity to freely explore the otherwise inaccessible realm of your subconscious mind.

If you’re lucky enough to spontaneously experience lucid dreams, you have a sacred gift. While it’s possible to learn to lucid dream, very few people have the natural ability to consciously plumb the depths of their spirits in this way. Use lucid dreams as a unique opportunity to seek guidance and find answers that you wouldn’t otherwise have available to you in your conscious life.

  1. Repeating numbers and words.

Many skeptics believe that attaching significance to repeating numbers and words is nothing more than confirmation bias. The default reaction is to be a left-brained cynic. It’s much more challenging to consider the possible personal meanings of such occurrences.

No matter how we eventually interpret these repetitive numbers and words, the purpose of all of them is to wake us up. They’re quite significant in this regard. Repeated numbers, names, or words certainly are signs of spirit communication.

  1. Animal guides.

Because most people encounter animals every day, animal guides are a dynamic sign of spirit communication. When paying attention to them you’ll soon recognize that each different animal has a unique energy type, plus teachings or messages just for you.

The meaning of each animal will be highly personal, and doesn’t necessarily have to be the meaning that’s already widely accepted. So, don’t feel forced to agree with the “textbook” explanations. Go with your gut feelings. One way to discover your unique meanings is to observe which animals you encounter regularly. Watch how they behave, move, and sound, and try to discern what they’re teaching you or revealing to you.

  1. Awareness of synchronous moments.

Synchronicities are those clear, meaningful moments of the coincidence that your inner world and outer world are aligned. Synchronicity is a reliable sign that you’re on the correct spiritual path. Everything will feel as though it’s unfolding without conscious effort. You may even feel that the Universe is playing an active role in making your dreams come true.

All things are interconnected, so nothing can happen by chance. And all things are energy, so synchronicity occurs when our thoughts’ vibrations match our personal destinies’ vibrations. Be on the lookout for synchronous moments. They’re powerful communications from your spirit.

  1. Increased intuition.

Intuition is that inexplicable feeling that compels you how to act or react. Intuition the subtle, centered, and calm voice of our souls communicating with us. When you feel drawn towards something or somebody, rest assured that it’s your spirit trying to offer you guidance.

  1. Meditative visions

Meditation is an effective way to connect with your spirit. That infinitely calm and loving space you may have sensed before is your spirit’s sacred space. Meditating is an effective way to enter that mysterious space. One common mystical experience involves spontaneously tuning into visions or names during meditation. These visions or names may be a spirit guide or a message directly from your soul.

Some people even hear previously unheard melodies or songs while meditating. Others experience spontaneous words or visions. Visions, songs, or words from your soul will typically have a specific theme, they’ll seem foreign to you, and they’ll be repetitive. You’ll also feel that they’re somehow important. These characteristics set them apart from common mental chatter.

Keeping a journal to record any images, visions, songs, or words you receive while meditating will help you more clearly understand the things your spirit is trying to communicate to you.

Deep down, everyone craves wholeness and oneness. And our spirits have a deep craving to make themselves known to us. Learning the languages of your spirit opens a portal into its sacred realm and allows you to reclaim all the beauty, strength, innocence, and love that’s waiting for you.

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