Unbelievable indications that you have lived a past life

Unbelievable indications that you have lived a past life

  1. You have dreams that always recur

Although there are many reasons why people dream, but if you are experiencing a dream that always recurs, it is likely to be your subconscious way of a past life’s revelation. These dreams can take many angles. Pay attention to those that involve a particular historical period or a faraway location. This is one indication that maybe at some point in history, your soul may have existed.

  1. You encounter Déjà vu

Almost everybody encounters déjà vu. However, there is a difference between traditional déjà vu where something just seems familiar and definite déjà vu where you are sure that you’ve lived this moment in the past.

  1. You remember past events you weren’t there to experience

Having memories, you shouldn’t have in the first place is the easiest way to tell that you have indeed lived a previous life.

  1. You have amazing foresight

Some people believe that reincarnation puts you better in tune with time, both the past and the future.

You are likely having great foresight if you are always impressing others by foretelling the future or if you can sense what is about to happen next.

  1. You have fears and phobias

We all have fears of different kinds, be it water, snakes or even heights. But where does this fear come from?

Some people believe that unexplained phobias are as a result of traumatic events that happened in the past life.

  1. You mysteriously feel pain

If you are experiencing strange aches and pains that have no cause, that might be an indication that you encountered some kind of injury or trauma in a past life. Although you are in a completely new body, you may still remember the feeling of this injury.

  1. You recognize someone as a soulmate

If you recognize someone as a soulmate, especially a stranger, there is a possibility that you were soulmates in a past life. This means that two souls will continue to find each other despite their locations.

  1. You feel old

There is a possibility that your soul has been around for one or more previous lives if you feel wise beyond your years or much more mature than your age. This will take you very far in life, as you will be more knowledgeable than your age mates.

  1. You feel like you belong to another world

Several people encounter being out of place. However, have you ever felt like you belong to another world or time?

All introvert people are always looking forward to a past life. This is an indication that you might have lived in a previous life and miss some of the many elements from the past.

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