Spiritually Enlightened

Signs Someone is Spiritually Enlightened

A person that is enlightened is not always easy to spot because there are no specifics as to how someone will look or act that has been enlightened.

Even being enlightened doesn’t have any kind of real rulebook and even though there are some signs that you might look out for, this does not always mean the signs are right.


A person that is overly happy might be enlightened. They find their joy based on their inside and not from things around them or material things.

Even though an enlightened person is full of joy, it doesn’t mean that they are not ever mad or sad.

Enlightenment allows you to see things differently in your life and even if they are sad, an enlightened person will do what they can to feel better and they will accept things that happen to them with peace.


A person that is enlightened will be kind and loving and they will understand when problems need to be solved and worked on.

This person will not be angry and will not hurt others or try to hurt themselves and they will see people full of love and will not want to hurt them or argue with them.

Unconditional Love

Love is something that is very pure and a person that is enlightened will learn to hold on to this love and to share it with others.

A person that is enlightened will always share their love with you and even if you don’t like them or want to spend time with them, they will still love you and care about you.


An enlightened person will humble themselves and they will never care about being last. They hate being in the spotlight because they would rather someone else to get the praise.

They want the best for everyone they know, and they will often put their needs aside so that they can help others.

Health and Wellness

A person that is enlightened will learn to care for their body, mind, and soul. They will know the importance of being healthy and they will do the best that they can to have a growth in their soul.

Having a strong mind, body and soul is important and necessary for enlightenment.


An enlightened person practices their spiritual life. They want to work towards their higher self. They want to see the world healed and they do their best to get rid of negative thoughts, feelings, and energy. These people want to help those that are hurting.

A person that is enlightened searches for their purpose and their reason for life and they hope one day to ascend and to be even better than they are today.

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