Tips on Raising a Psychic Child

Tips on Raising a Psychic Child

Every child is unique and possess some level of psychic skills. However, some children don’t just play with “imaginary friends.” Read on to discover if your child is psychic talents and how to help nurture their gifts.

Ways to identify psychic talents

• Hearing voices or having “imaginary friends:” Consider how they interact with their hidden playmate. Are they able to gain premonitions from this friend?

• Staring off into space: What you see as “nothing” may be a ghost or another spiritual being to your child.

• Difficulty sleeping: An excess of psychic energy can make sleep difficult. This factor can cause intense dreams and nightmares that make sleep problematic.

• Seeing auras: A common psychic talent is seeing the energy fields that surround all living things. You child may be able to pick out the different layers and various colors of someone else’s aura.

• Extremely sensitive: Your child may be an empath that has adverse reactions to crowded places or strong emotions. Empaths easily pick up and absorb external energy. They may form instant opinions of people based on the energy they emit and their heighten sense of other people’s thoughts and emotions. They commonly have a deep bond with animals and seem to have the able to communicate with them. Your child may also have the ability to recall a place they have not been to in this lifetime or discuss concepts well beyond their age. They may easily get disturbed if see anyone or anything being harmed.

• Inclination towards healing: You child might instinctively know when someone is in pain. They might even reflectively place their hands above someone’s body as if to heal them.

How to handle psychically gifted children

It can be overwhelming, and even scary to notice your child is showing signs of heighten psychic skills. First, you must find peace with what is happening and work to be supportive towards them. Do as much research as possible to learn about psychic gifts. This will help you identify your child’s strengths and ways they can hone them. Foster a loving and explorative atmosphere where you can interact with your child without judgment.

Reassure your child that they can talk to you about anything and encourage them to freely share their experiences so you can process them together. Making sure you maintain open and honest communication that way if your child mentions a troubling experience you can avoid any negative reactions or else you risk your child not sharing any further details about something similar in the future. It is important that your child trusts you.

If you child acts oddly, try not to intervene at first, and instead just observe. Don’t minimize your child’s imaginary friends, as they are very real and normal to them. Ask your child questions like the friend’s name or about their appearance. Certain kids will verbally communicate details about their friend, while other prefer to draw them. At times this friend might be a decease individual, so you may want to use this opportunity to show them family pictures to see if their friend is one of their ancestors. Family members who have crossed over often watch over their living loved one.

Should your child mention an ability to ghosts try to respond and act as naturally and calmly as possibly. Encourage them this skill is nothing to fear and that other people have this talent as well. Teach them to trust in their gifts and themselves like how they are able to form a decision based on their beliefs and judgments. The more comfortable your child becomes with their skills they more they will be able to use them throughout their life. They will learn to first trust themselves and then who else in their life is trustworthy.

Parents should be there for children to inspire them to learn about their gifts as much as possible. However, it is important to never force them to practice any they feel uncomfortable doing, including being psychic. Never pressure them to showcase their abilities to anyone. Forcing a child to share their psychic talents can make them feel like a performer that has to live up to other’s expectations of them. Teach to respect people’s spiritual boundaries includes those who have views that differ from them like people that might not believe in psychics.

It is important to be patient and supportive because psychic children often block or ignore their abilities when grow up due to fear. They are also at risk for isolation due to feeling like a freak around their friends. Encourage your child to enjoy their youth and explore all their skills including sports, arts, and educational interests. This can ensure they constantly feel loved, accepted and similar to their peers.

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