Spiritual Grounding

Spiritual Grounding

Spiritual grounding is an important thing to do especially if you are doing work with others or trying to develop your psychic giftings.


When you do grounding it happens because you need to balance your spiritual being and connect with things such as the universe. Once you are grounded, you will feel like you are healthy, and you will feel better.

It is important for psychics and healers to be grounded because if not, this can cause sickness and stress.


When you are ungrounded, here are some things you will feel:

  • Sleepy
  • Disconnected
  • Confused
  • Dazed
  • Floaty
  • Lightheaded
  • Frustrated
  • Stress
  • Sad
  • Depressed

These different feelings can happen because your energies are full of negativity when you are ungrounded, and you are not able to pull from this. You can learn to practice spiritual grounding and that can help you such as:

  • Helps you get rid of negative energies.
  • Connects you with Mother Earth.
  • Helps to balance your energies.
  • Helps you to stay in touch with your body.

When you begin to develop your intuition, you will need to practice grounding yourself because if you do not, you will feel out of place with your body and your soul. When you learn to ground yourself, you will see that you feel differently.

Not every idea will work with you, but you can use different techniques and tips to help you, find out what is best for you.

Grounding Tips

One tip is to eat good. If you are eating junk food, chances are you are not allowing your body to connect with the universe.

Eating organic or healthy foods can help you with your physical body and your spiritual body. This can help you to open up your chakras.

People that are in medicine know that eating root vegetables can help you to be grounded. Since root vegetables grow under the ground and to the surface, when you eat these things it can help you to feel more anchored to the earth. These are great things to eat.

Root vegetables are a good choice because they increase your physical health and your gifts. If you do not have root vegetables, try other foods that make you feel good.


Eating some chocolate can help to ground you. This is an earthly food, and this can help to ground you. Using raw chocolate can be bitter but it is good to add to some of your other foods.

When you want to use raw cacao, you can start with dark chocolate and it can help you.


Connecting with nature is one fast way to ground yourself. You can do this by reaching out to nature and walking outside barefoot.

Here are some other ways to bond with nature:

  • Walk in the dirt barefoot.
  • Dig in the dirt.
  • Garden.
  • Hug a tree.

Salt Bath

Salts are a great way to heal yourself and when you use the element water, you can ground yourself fast. Use salts such as Hawaiian salt, Himalayan salt and other salts. Put some salt in your bath and sit in it for a half an hour or more.

If you have negative energies, the salt and water can wash these negative things down the sink. You can also use different scents to help ground you and add essential oils to your water. If you don’t have time to soak, use a salt scrub when you bath.


Meditation is another way to help you in all of your spiritual needs, even grounding. You can sit in a comfortable and quiet spot, deep breathe and imagine that your feet have roots going into the ground.

Allow the meditation to ground you and listen to what messages you get from your spirit guides.


There are some crystals and stones that can help to ground you and you can use them by carrying them around with you or wearing them as jewelry. Here are some great grounding stones:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Jasper
  • Black Kyanite


When you are not sure other ways to ground yourself, just get up and move. By moving around and being active, you can get rid of negative energies in your life. Doing yoga or just going for a walk can make you feel good and can help you to be balanced in your mind and body.

If you do not have time to go to the gym, do other things such as walking, jump roping or other things. You can also do things such as cooking, walking your dog or other things but always try to have fun when you are doing it.

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