Banish Energy Vampires

Using Magic to Banish Energy Vampires

We have all encountered energetic drain from certain people or situations in our lives. This can lead to physical symptoms like headaches, anxiety, and exhaustion, among other things when we must deal with such situations. The people that cause such situations are known as energy vampires. These are not mythical creatures with fangs, they are real.

When pushed beyond emotional and mental limits by others, our bodies quickly become depleted because our auric field is consumed with energy that did not originate with us. While we may be able to overlook it at first, our intuition, magic, and work can suffer when others are feeding off our personal energy, much like a vampire. These types of vampires are living beings that continue to bring us down through toxicity and drama they create. Once we figure out who these people are, we can start warding them off.

Identifying an energy vampire is not always simple and it may be shocking to find out it is someone close to you. A common habit among them is to glorify themselves, tell you all about their lives and issues, then walk away without asking you or allowing you to do the same. Your intuition may also warn you that a vampire is near. Still, psychic protection can help combat this.

Psychic protection is important for everyone, but more so for those who practice astrology, magic, mediumship, and tarot. It is a form of self-care that defends against bad and negative energy. The more we can self-connect, the better we can identify vampires. The body and mind are connected so we must protect both. We can use the mind and our energy field to visualize a projection wall against negativity. We are capable of changing how we feel about ourselves and becoming aware of our energy. When we do this, we can pinpoint triggers and see the energy vibrations around others. If we focus this energy, it is more difficult for vampires to feed off our energy, but this can be difficult. Our personal magic creates this shield. This starts with cleansing our energy several times a week or for a few minutes a day to unwind. This helps protect against attacks and adds to self-care. If this seems impossible, try the following tips:


Both our bodies and minds are sponges that the energies of other people can attach to and make us feel bad. To get ourselves back to normal, we must work on cleansing our energy. One crystal that can help with this is Selenite as it strips away bad vibes. Use the selenite as a wad that pulls the energy down and out. This alleviates the collected negative energy. However, selenite is not to be used in water because it will degrade.

You may also choose to carry healing crystals that resonate with your needs. Rose quartz protects the heart while amethyst heals the mind. Both can be charged in water, such as during bath time. These offer protection and healing from energy vampires.

Bath Time

Enjoying a bath filled with salt, especially Himalayan pink salt will rid you of auric toxins. Start by cleansing your crown chakra with the salt as it connects us to the spiritual world. When this chakra is open we can connect deeper within ourselves. Another option is to add roses or lavender to help you relax. For added protection, add a bit of Florida water to cleanse negative energy. Some may prefer a bath with several herbs life rosemary, sage, and basil or white flowers for cleansing.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is a self-care ritual that keeps vampires at bay. Take this a step further by grabbing a bottle of water and setting an intention over it. Write the intention on the bottom if wanted to focus your energy to create a drinkable spell. Drink it throughout the day to ingest the positive energy.

Skip the Drama

This technique is not much about magic and is more about practical steps. If others try to bring you into their drama or issues, choose to walk away and possibly end the relationship with the person. These could be energetic vampires that are trying to draw on your energy and will leave you anxious and feeling bad. Do not force yourself to suffer. If you cannot avoid all the drama, try carrying stones like black tourmaline or smokey quartz to expunge the toxic vibes that are weighing you down. This is a valid form of self-defense against energy vampires.

Visualization and Meditation

Centering yourself daily through deep breathing or visualization can be helpful as protection from energy vampires. Visualize a bubble surrounding you on all sides that cannot be broken by negative forces. As you do this, say out loud that no negative energy is allowed or can enter. Tell yourself and the world that you are protected. You may also wasn’t to meditate by sitting quietly in a peaceful spot for a minute to simply feel without trying to fix. Notice strong emotions and breathe into them. Through guided breathing, we can receive innermost feelings. Integrate such practices into your daily life as you build a stronger relationship with yourself.

Though self-care practices and removing vampire energies with psychic protection, the heart can expand. This also helps elevate our magic and every day lives. Remember when your life is free from energy vampires, not to return. As the adage goes, once bitten, twice shy.

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