Astral Travel

Use Astral Travel to Visit Your Favorite Places

Whether you wish to visit a sacred place for just a favorite destination, it is possible without ever leaving your home. There is always something magical about visiting far off or sacred places, especially those surrounded in lore, mystery, or history. Some favorite places of this traveler are the Sedona in the Verde Valley of Arizona, the Pyramids in Egypt, and Machu Picchu in Peru in the Andes Mountains. Some of these sites are power vortices of energy because they lie in the lines of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. This means they contain a greater amount of metaphysical energy than most other places. Visiting such areas can make you feel like you have stepped into another time and place, almost another dimension. Millions of seekers from around the world have visited or wish to visit these special spots in search of enlightenment. Some go to seek healing, to raise awareness, or to gain a much broader perspective overall. Still others go to have a spiritual experience that is unique to each spot.

The past year or more has found most of us trapped at home and unable to travel due to COVID-19, at least when it comes to air travel for long distances. This leaves those who are spiritual travelers feeling trapped and overly frustrated. Some are likely going a bit stir crazy without the freedom to travel to their chosen destinations around the world. For many, even short, local excursions have been limited or a challenge to undertake with the virus looming. For some who are local to these special areas, a day trip may not be an issue, but staying overnight in a hotel is still a bit questionable. Luckily, we can still travel to our favorite destinations and sacred sites through the astral realm. For the Celtic’s this is the concept of immram, which is known as a soul journey. Some may refer to this as a sacred pilgrimage or a wonder voyage to a place the soul needs to go. Metaphysicians and spiritual seekers are likely well versed in this type of inner voyage on the astral plane as they have been common throughout the ages.

We are not limited to the mundane or the physical body. While at times we can physically visit a place, at any time we can journey somewhere special on the astral plane. When traveling this way, we can go anywhere without ever leaving home. The best part of this type of travel is that it is not limited to the places on the map. There is nothing to prevent undertaking a trip to some mythical or ancient place that is no longer in existence or may have never existed. Perhaps a trip to Avalon out of Celtic mythology. The voyage can be undertaken through various astral projection techniques that require dreamwork, creative visualization, self-hypnosis, and meditation. There are online resources to help with each of these if needed. Before getting started, look up pictures or photos of the place of interest and read as much about the history as possible. This will help you set the scene. Now, the most important aspect is to ensure your safety on the journey. This requires the assistance and support of your spirit guides who will accompany you. The guides will not only travel with you, but show you around once you arrive.

Once you return from an astral journey, journal about what you saw and if any transformations have taken place for you. Each journey holds sacred teachings and wisdom found in the place you explored. Enjoy your travels.

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