Ways of Developing Psychic Abilities- Simple Exercises You Can Undertake Today

Ways of Developing Psychic Abilities- Simple Exercises You Can Undertake Today

It’s easier to learn how to develop clairvoyant abilities. We are going to discuss how to strengthen your clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.

Exercises for the psychic development of clairsentience.

Clairsentience involves feelings where intuitive information can be received via these feelings.  Another form of clairsentience is known as empathy.

Another way to increase your clairsentience is to practice psychometry.

Psychometry involves touching of objects by reading the vitality to learn more about them. It’s a very nice way of learning how to develop psychic abilities.

Take note of these easy steps:

  1. Request somebody to bring for you not many small objects you can practice with.
  2. The objects should fit in your hands at the beginning. We recommend jewelry and keys as they are metals therefore able to hold energy well. There is a chance of jewelry that has been worn having more energy than a brand new one. If you are just beginning to learn ways of developing clairvoyant abilities, metal objects are the best.
  3. Take a few deep breaths while sitting comfortably. You need to get the energy moving by rubbing your hands together.
  4. Close your eyes after taking the objects in your hands. Pay attention to how your body behaves while relaxing. If you don’t feel anything then just know everything is okay. You can ask yourself the following questions if you feel stuck.
  • Is a man or a woman the owner of this object?
  • Might the owner of this object be happy or sad?
  • Are there any children that belong to this person?
  • This person does what kind of work?

Put down on paper everything you hear or see even if it might look silly. Do not try to filter anything. You should get used to receiving energetic impressions that’s why you have to do this exercise. Share your impressions with your partner if you are both working together.

Ask the individual who gave you the object for feedback once you are done. Request for validation about things you saw, felt or heard.

Hide and Seek

Go for an object that has a lot of energy on it.  Ask your friend to hide the object while you step out.

Come back inside and see if you can find the object where its located and whether you can connect with it. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it upstairs?
  • Is it down low or up high?
  • Is it placed on top or under something?

Exercises of psychic abilities used to develop clairvoyance

You need to begin working on visualization if you want to become clairvoyant. Your clairvoyance will be strengthened with the following easy visualization.

  1. With the help of a friend place five objects in a tray. These items should be distinct. And if they are things you have never seen before that’s helpful.
  2. Study the objects for 10 seconds after everything is set up. With the help of your friend, let them take the tray away.
  3. Just imagine where the object was in the tray. The key to this exercise is visualizing the objects in your mind. Put down on paper everything you see in your mind.

Ways of developing psychic abilities: Clairaudience

Below are ways you can begin developing clairaudience

  • When kids have gone to school and you are left alone at home, use that moment and learn how to develop psychic abilities.
  • While seated in the house pay attention to the sounds in the office. Do you hear sounds from the keyboard?

When you have time you can undertake this exercise to develop your auditory abilities.

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