What is Psychic Smelling

What is Psychic Smelling

Psychics have rare gifts. They have heightened senses and some have the gift of telekinesis. Some can connect and contact the spirit world.  A little known  ability is the the gift of psychic smelling, or the gift of clairolfaction.

Some mediums read with their senses of sight and smell.  Some have the ability to smell things that cannot be perceived by others. This is a very rare gift and you can learn how to use it.

How does it work?

If you have ever been reminded of something just from the way a smell, you know how important the sense of smell is.  For example a friend recalls smelling her grandfather’s cologne while she was in coma. She said that it felt like her grandfather was there.

This may have been an example of clariofaction, because it didn’t have to do with a smell that was actually in the room. Her grandfather had passed away six months previously.  She perceived a scent that only existed in the spirit world.

Everything on all planes of existence are made up of energy. This energy emits different vibration.  Some believe that the vibrations can trigger the perception of scent.


Clear scent also known as clairalience is well known among mediums and psychics.  They use it to enhance their readings. They can use this to interpret the sensations that are related to the person who their are guiding. The  psychic will note the scents that are related to a person, activity or meaningful place. This gives the psychic additional information about a person and their energy.

Some mediums have a sense of clear taste or clairagustance  This is not unusual because the sense of taste and smell are so connected.

Channeling clairessence

Connect to this form of clear sensing is very similar to connecting to clairvoyance.  It is done by concentration on a specific energy such as smell or taste. The medium focuses on a scent or sound and tries to manifest the smell or taste.

Once the scent appears, focus on it and its many facets. Concentrate on how it makes you feel and what you think of. This includes memories that appear.

As you practice, you will notice that these senses are sharper and can allow you to connect to energies that others may not notice.  Once you become better at this you can see what your senses are trying to tell you.

If you would like to learn more about this, contact a psychic either in person on or online to see what you can find out.

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