What Can Past Lives Teach Us

What Can Past Lives Teach Us

We all have wondered if this is the only life we have had or will explore.  It can be intimidating to explore past lives and the corresponding lessons.  Take a breath and realize we are constantly receiving profound messages from our soul all the time!  Our inner wisdom and intuition are gifts from our Highest Self to help us live our best life possible.  The more we explore the spiritual power within us, and our pasts, the better we can process our current thoughts and behaviors to promote our spiritual growth.

Understanding Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a type of therapy that utilizing hypnosis to place a person into a deeply relaxed state in order to reveal hidden aspects of their past that they otherwise could not remember.  This is similar to the therapies that use hypnosis to help patients recover from trauma.  Yet, when you explore your past life, you’re searching the soul’s memory rather than the brain.  The underlying belief of past life regression is reincarnation, the concept of the soul’s continued journey after a person’s physical death.  The concept of reincarnation has ancient roots stemming back to the Vedic period of southeast Asia, as well as ancient forms of Buddhism, Judaism, and Greek, Druid, and indigenous cultures.

Individuals who ascribe to reincarnation believe souls have resided in previous human forms before ours, and after our death they will inhabit future bodies as well.  Children commonly can retain clear memories of their previous life.  At times, they may recall former names and address in seemingly improbably ways.  Unfortunately, past life regression is often impossible to confirm, and thus is the subject of constant scrutiny.  Regardless, the concept produces and array of benefits, even if they are only regarded as spiritual or psychological.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

As you gain in education and insight regarding past lives, and the experiences you faced (including lessons and traumas), the simpler it becomes to process your dreams, triggers, and anxieties.  Often, we struggle to comprehend why we react a particular way to a given situations because our thoughts are not aligned with our current consciousness.  Trauma remains housed in our soul and serves a double-edge purpose.  Positively, it helps us navigate any triggers as they arise so we can better manage any future trouble.  Conversely, our trauma can distort our perspective to consider a signal to be a warning alarm, even if it poises no current threat in our current life.  Have you endured frequent dreams about disaster or strange places / people?  This may be traumatic echoes of a past life rippling into your present form.

Past Life Lessons

One of the most impactful lessons we learn from our past lives involve the uniqueness of the challenge we must face in order to spiritually grow.  Every hurdle has a special role in our life in order for us to gain a necessary piece of insight.  The implications may be hard, but the lesson is essential to the soul cycle and needs to be carried over between lifetimes.  Harness your gift of intuition to see beyond the logic to understand what your inner wisdom is trying to tell you.

Children can be deemed old souls, due to their profound knowledge of the Universe and the spirit world.  With this spiritual age comes weariness just like the heaviness that people can experience as they physically age.  Sometimes extremely old souls are about to complete their journey and essentially retire into some higher plane of spiritual ether.  At times, new souls are born and everything is viewed as wonderous.  We all have different amounts of past lives, including none, but with each life we must learn lessons and nurture cosmic bonds.

Past Lives and Soulmates

We can maintain special bonds with other souls that carry over between lifetimes.  Soulmates, are not a singular ideal partner for you, but an array of souls you know on an unfathomable level who you will encounter at some point in this life.  This group typically includes people you are extremely close to such as friends, family, lovers, and strangers with whom you experience and instant report.

Your Experience Shapes Your Future

Life is a journey that incorporates lessons gained from previous lives as well as your experience and insight from your recent past.  If you are suspicious about reincarnation, you may heavily rely on the lessons you gain from your recent past to better yourself.  Consider the mistakes you have made and the people with whom you interact.  Mistakes are opportunities to make course correction in order to grow your knowledge base and improve your situation.  Learning from yours or anyone else’s mistakes is the ideal way to craft a successful future for yourself or anyone you care about.

Honor the Past

Past life regression is an essential self-reflection tool that empowers you to heal and understand yourself.  You can perform regression therapy with the aid of a therapist or spirit guide, but can also be done by yourself, through meditation and practice.  We owe it to ourselves to observe and respect the messages and memories in our dreams, and to trust our intuition is using the wisdom we have gain over millennia to help empower us to live our best current life possible.

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