Spiritual Significance of the Full Moon

What is the Spiritual Significance of the Full Moon

The full moon has mesmerized humanity throughout the ages.  For centuries people have pondered what the full moon symbolizes and how to harness its spiritual properties.  The moon is the only natural satellite for Earth and is the fifth largest moon in our Solar System.  The way it rotates around the Earth and Sun creates patterns of glow and shadows.  Yet, the actual size and shape of the moon never changes, only our perspective is altered.

Every month provides a unique significance for the full moon.  In general, humanity perceives the full moon yields immense power to people and thus monthly magical ritual circles are scheduled.  Some say the light of the moon guides attendees to each other, while other feel the full moon represents the full abilities of the mother goddess.  Some traditions claim the entire week of a full moon to practice Full Moon Magic, while others choose the day of and day after.  The most stringent faiths believe Full Moon Magic can only be done on the actual date of the Full Moon and as close to the exact time as possible.

Spiritual meaning of the full moon

Meanings can differ depending on the culture.  Certain Americans believe sleeping under the light of particular full moons cause mental troubles.  Others recommend placing a moonstone in one’s mouth on a full moon to bless it as a totem.  Some faiths feel the full moon is the ideal time to commune with the mother goddess.  In Medieval Europe, the moon regardless of fullness, was associate with the devil’s mischief and beasts could shapeshift to cause chaos on humanity.

Different full moon symbolism

January – Wolf Moon

The first full moon of the calendar possesses the strength of the wolf.  This ultimate hunter helps people begin the hard work of achieving their goals for the year.

February – Snow / Hunger Moon

Typically occurring in the coldest and snowiest month, traditionally food supplies would be exhausted.  People therefore would ration items to prepare for spring planting.  Harness its energy to help more effectively plan out your financial or physical resources.

March – Worm Moon

This moon reflects the search for profound truth.  As worms begin to emerge from underground after the harnesses of winter, so too must we expend energy to reframe how we show ourselves to the world.

April – Pink Moon

Representing the colorful flowers of spring, harness this moon’s energy to show off your efforts.  This is a time your hard work is paying off and should be celebrated with your loved ones.

May – Flower Moon

This moon expands upon the energy from April.  Showcase your accomplishments and convert the successes into energy you can use to achieve even more goals and thrive in your life.

June – Strawberry Moon

Named for the bounty of strawberries people have enjoyed for centuries.  Celebrate all the blessings you have achieved throughout the year thus far and dream big for more you can attain.

July – Buck Moon

This is a time of rebirth and transformation.  As the buck have shed their antlers and are regrowing them, so too have you shed new layers of skin.  You are creating your destiny and are enjoying the newly created space to welcome in new opportunities.  Tap into the energy of this moon to start on new projects or goals.

August – Sturgeon Moon

Just as this is a time of plenty for fishermen, so too can we seize the bounty around us.  Just as fishermen work hard to reel in sturgeon, we must also work hard for whatever is important to us in life.  Channel the energy of this moon for acquiring lofty goals through steadfast work.

September – Corn Moon

This is a time of harvest.  Historically corn was stored for use in the winter and seeds were kept to sow in the spring to nourish the next generation of the community.  Harness this moon’s energy to honor your accomplishment and find ways of investing them into your future plans.

October – Hunter / Harvest Moon

This time of year sees hunters claiming fattened deer and other animals now that leaves have begun to drop.  This is a significant full moon for the impact on the work one must perform to achieve their ambitions.  Now, the hunt for greatness is on and the harvest is in full effect!  If you see an opportunity in your life – SEIZE IT immediately.  Always be observant for new prospects.

November – Beaver Moon

There are a few meanings for this moon.  Some recall Indigenous Americans set traps for beavers in this month, while other claim it reflects how beavers are building their winter homes.  Honor the spirit of the season by preparing the upcoming winter and setting resources aside for times of want.

December- Cold Moon

Winter is approaching and temperatures are dropping.  Now is the time to finish preparation for the harnesses of winter.  Tap into the moon’s power to contemplate what is occurring underneath your surface, just as the Earth ground is being to freeze.  Life still radiates below the ice, but this is a time of rest, reflection, and regrouping.  The New Year approaches and your cycle of life or your plans will soon begin anew.

Easy full moon rituals

Catch the Moon

Place a bowl of water outside to catch the Moon’s reflect.  Use the energy from the water to perform multiple types of rituals.  A modern option is to take a photo or video of the full moon.  You might also choose to draw or paint it instead.  Any way that captures the Moon’s image is effective.

Moon bathe

Full moon energy can by helpful for cleansing or purification.  Add some Catch the Moon water into a ritual bath.  Envision removing any spiritual impurity, grief, and blockage to your Highest Self.  When the bath is complete, fully drain the grim and used water; you may also choose to clean the bathtub as well for maximum impact.

Charge It!

Lay out any crystals or ritual tools on the night of the full moon in a space where the expanse of light can charge them with the healing, nurturing, and purifying power of the full moon.  This is a simple and effective ritual!

Time to heal

The full moon is an excellent time to begin the healing process.  This can involve issues of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pains.  Allow the rays of the full moon to shine upon and within you casting cleansing light onto all the darkened, damaged, and hurt places inside of you.

Drawing Down the Moon

Lastly, this act invites the complete power of the full moon’s energy within an individual who acts as the goddess to speak to and bless ritual attendees.  There are multiple methods to this practice.  An easy choice is to stand and speak aloud that you welcome the Moon, asking her to reside within you in order for you to manifest the Goddess.  This ritual dates back to ancient Greece or Egypt and is a powerful experience for all.

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