Empaths and Lightworkers

What Kinds of Changes Have Empaths and Lightworkers Went Through?

Have you found that you struggle with who you are and what you are meant to do in this world? Maybe you feel like you are an empath or an indigo.

Empath and Indigo

An empath is someone that is a lightworker and can help you to bring light to people around the world. Everyone is aware in different levels and sometimes if you are an empath, you might not even know it.

Some people have different traits, and the traits of an empath are all put together. They tend to be someone that is sensitive and someone that experiences things differently. If you don’t have the same traits, it doesn’t mean you aren’t an empath.

Traits of an Empath

  • Sensitive to electromagnetic energy. Some people are sensitive to EMS and it can affect your emotions. If you are an introvert or if you have an immune disorder you might have this sensitive.
  • Clairsentience-this is a person that can feel the emotions and feelings of other people.
  • Claircognizant-someone that can know things without getting information is sometimes called a claircognizant. Many empaths have this gift, and it helps them to express things.
  • Healers-empaths are natural healers because their energy allows them to get rid of negativity. This can happen when you are around strangers and they come to you for advice.


  • Empaths think of others all the time instead of themselves.
  • They are people that think deeply and feel deeply.
  • Love animals and people.
  • Feel connected to things spiritually.
  • Have boundaries for their energy.

An indigo adult also has specific characteristics. They are people that have evolved, and they change in their mind and their spirit. They have a Universal Law with society and sometimes feel that they don’t belong. They are strong and powerful, and they want to see things done right.


As the universe moves, there is a time and space that causes things to repeat itself. People are always moving forward and getting new ideas.

There are different outcomes and people look at their journey and they become mature. They see that even during conflicts of things such as racial injustice, that people can grow and evolve and change.

Empaths and indigos are always fighting for what is right. They want to do away with social injustice and they believe that all people are equal. They care about how people feel, and they don’t want to see darkness in the lives of others.

An empath might marry someone that has narcissistic or toxic behavior because they want to save them and help them. This can be a hard lesson to learn.

Emotional Evolution

As the universe changes, the needs of people also seem to change. People have needs that are safety needs, primitive needs, egotistical needs and more. They have basic needs that have to be met.

As the world changes, people’s behaviors and ideas change. If you are an empath, you need to remember that this can be passed down from your parents.

Many people are able to do inner work and shadow work, but some people are not. When you do shadow work, you see that the world is full of poverty and other things. There are people that can think nothing more than having a safe space to live. These people change in their emotions.

Energetic Evolution

As things change, energy is always moving. People have a different form of energy and they look at energy differently.

The chakras are full of energy and the solar plexus chakra is where you want to be who you are and where you have a will to have a life. This gives you power and can help you to change and to be smarter in life.

People want to have power and to have a stronger position in life and they will use things to succeed.

Empaths work from the heart and the heart chakra and solar plexus play a huge role in how they work. They often struggle with how the society works and even when things are considered normal, it isn’t to them.

They have a hard time being confident sometimes because they are offended by things and they get hurt very easy. The heart chakra can help to give them strength and when people treated them like equals, they are easily connected. They take pride in who they are and how they help others. They love that they can be workers of light.

Role of the Lightworker

A lightworker is someone that needs to help make the world a better place. They reach for higher things and they work towards having good careers, relationships and to help others.

When they learn to think of themselves, this brings freedom and helps them to make sense of their life. It helps them to find their strength and to explore who they are. An empath will be a natural healer and they will be there to help others and to heal the world.

What an Empath Can Do

An empath can do different things in the world and they are there to help people to change and evolve:

  • Seeing-An empath is able to see beyond the surface and to understand what people are going through.
  • Connection-they are able to understand people and things better than other people can. They see patterns that other people miss.
  • Energy-Empaths use their energy to try to heal others. They can use this to communicate to their spirit guide.
  • Justice-the empath wants everyone to have justice. They want there to be love and hope for the world. They share light and love to everyone.

Empaths as Professionals

An empath will want to have a purpose in their life. They want to make the world a good place to live. Once they want to make the world better, they will pick a job that will help them to do the best that they can.


  • Have courage.
  • Love to help others.
  • Will stand up against things that are wrong.


  • They love creating new things.
  • They look at the world like a child.
  • They are determined.
  • They accept how others see things.


  • They love beautiful things.
  • They are focused.
  • They are motivated.
  • They see things from different points of views.


  • They want people to be healed in their mind, body, and soul.
  • They can inspire other people.
  • They have strength.
  • They transform people.


Empaths can help to change energy and they can change darkness into light. They can help to balance energy and the vibrations. They work with their solar plexus chakra and they help people that have went through trauma.  They use their solar plexus to heal others. They have power and strength.

An empath will work hard to align their energy with the purpose that the universe has for them. They will spread light and will change as the world changes. They will look at the world and see how it is always changing. They will have love, kindness, and abundance.

A lightworker and an empath will do what it takes to carry out their purpose in life.

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