Aura Color Meanings

Aura Color Meanings

If you have ever guessed what a friend was thinking before ever speaking a word or got a bad feeling from someone without reason, you are not likely psychic, but reading their aura. No matter where we go, we perceive the energy fields of others which exist on the auric field. An aura is a typically vibrant ray of color that is composed of the energy that flows around living things. It stems from the Greek for breeze. The aura is indicative of our moods, vibe, and emotions. Our auras make our first impressions before a word is ever spoken. However, without training, the human eye cannot perceive the aura. This is why we must retrain ourselves to allow for the viewing of our own outer light. This is worth the work. Once you can see auras, you can understand yourself and others on a deeper level. For those that believe, auras are a portal to a mystical realm and evidence of a psychic nature that cannot be expressed otherwise. By learning to read auras, you gain clarity as to why some people send off certain vibes while others send out positive vibes. The guide below will help you get started.

Seeing Your Aura

Anyone can read an aura if you can trust your intuition. Look in the mirror for one whole minute while standing in front of a white background. Concentrate on a focal point located in the middle of your forehead. Without moving your head or eyes, scan the perimeter of your shoulders and head. The color you see is your aura. Another way to do this is to stare at your hands for a full minute. The glow you will see radiating around the outside if your aura color. It may take a few tries to see this, but practice will make it easier. Once you have discovered your aura, you can move forward in learning to read others.

Color Meaning

Each aura color is associated with a particular meaning. Below those are shared.

  • White – This shows a calm person who is well-balanced and open to possibilities. This is the rarest of all the colors.
  • Gray – This shows uncertainty and skepticism about others with an often pessimistic attitude.
  • Brown – This shows selfishness.
  • Black – This shows an unkind, dark energy.
  • Red – This shows passion and living by emotion and desire.
  • Orange – This shows creativity and a person whose artistry brings peace.
  • Yellow – This shows someone with optimism and who is enthusiastic.
  • Green – This is the mark of someone who is grounded, a nature lover, and hard working.
  • Blue – This shows someone who is emotionally sensitive and usually self-expressive.
  • Indigo – This color indicates a wise person who possesses an old soul.
  • Violet – This demonstrates someone with spiritual awareness and psychic sentiments.

All of these colors can blend as well, but these are the most popular. You may even have more than one than one color present at a time. This is called a rainbow aura.

Photographing the Aura

There are some photographers who can photograph the aura and offer insight into your consciousness. They also claim to be able to help you identify the calling you should be in energetically. Without a special camera, it is impossible to photograph the aura. It must be able to record the energy around you.

Aura Location and Reading

The pattern of the colors that appear in the aura have a meaning as well. An abundance of colors or a specific color on the left side reflects the energy you are bringing into yourself. The cluster of colors or specific color on the right is what you put out into the world. Colors near the crown chakra above the head are reflective of the conscious emotional and mental states at the moment. Those near the bottom of the body near the sacral chakra are reflective of the subconscious mind in the moment or what is being held inside.

It is possible to read the auras of others. Start out by staring at a photograph of them with one eye open and the other closed. You may have to try this several times before seeing anything. Eventually you will see colors glow around them. You can also tell if your own aura is compatible with that of others. The breakdown will be shared below.

  • White auras align with any other energy, but you are susceptible to absorbing the emotions of others.
  • Black auras are best with golden auras as they provide healing energy.
  • Gray auras link well with the magenta aura that can help you find meaning and purpose.
  • Brown auras work with light green auras to open up the heart.
  • Red auras mix well with a bright green aura to manifest passions in both.
  • Orange auras mix well with dark blue to boost positive vibes for both.
  • Yellow auras thrive with vibrant purple auras to inspire and motivate in artistic ventures.
  • Green auras enjoy the lilac auras that will incline you both spiritually.
  • Blue auras work with pink auras to enjoy creative greatness.
  • Indigo auras enjoy the turquoise auras to make you feel social and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Violet auras mesh with red auras to help both understand emotions on a deep soulful level.

Remember, your mood can change the color of your aura. This may depend on who you are with as well because different energies can cling to your aura. Self-care keeps this from happening so avoid negativity, get plenty of good sleep, and drink plenty of water while focusing on self-care. If you do get bogged down, it is possible to clean your aura. If our aura gets dirtied up by taking on the feelings of others, we can become anxious and out of sorts. To cleanse the aura, take a bath or shower with Epsom or Himalayan salt to cleanse the energetic field. Some also say smudging with white sage or meditation help as well. Others believe a selenite crystal taken across the body like a wand will rid you of negative energy as well.

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