5 Ways a Soulmate is Different than a Life Partner

5 Ways a Soulmate is Different than a Life Partner

Frequently, we hear soulmate being used interchangeably with life partner.  Although these people can fill simple powerful roles in one’s life, they are in fact drastically different.  A life partner is a reliable person that you trust fully and with whom you spend substantial time.  Typically, these are romantic partnerships.  Meanwhile, a soulmate is sent to you to enrich yourself in a specific and profound way.  They spur your life and spiritual growth through loving challenges, but always remaining your biggest advocate.  They may or may not appear in a romantic capacity in your life.

Below, we have listed five ways you can distinguish difference between a life partner and a soulmate:

  1. Soulmates Teach Specific Lessons

Whether a friend, lover, family member, or even impactful stranger, a soulmate is sent to you to impart a vital lesson.  You can tell you are in the presence of a soulmate if you feel a distinct nudge towards helping you discover a passion or awaken more of your potential.  After this lesson is learned, they will often leave your life.  Although it can cause you deep pain, this separation is necessary for you to realize your true power.

Meanwhile, a life partner will support you, take interest in your passions and provide constant encouragement.  They will love you and remain in your life regardless if a lesson needs to be learned.

  1. Connections are Rooted in Vastly Different Locations!

Connections with soulmates are centered in the heart and consciousness.  This creates a profound intensity and involves frequent growth or evolution as well periods of strong joy and pain.  This passion serves to inspire personal and spiritual growth that will benefit you for lifetimes to come.  This metamorphosis can be both exuberant and exhausting, but you will be all the more powerful for it.

Connections between life partners develop when both individuals have learned the value of self-love, and self-acceptance.  Typically, these unions are steadier and more peaceful than between soulmates.  You will know you are with a life partner if you feel like you have found your harbor in the storm.

  1. Distinct Sense of Knowing Each Other

When soulmates meet, they will feel like they have known each other for years.  This is frequently because they have met previously during past lifetimes.  Therefore, they can anticipate how one another will think, feel and approach a situation.  Often there is an overlap in childhood experiences which reinforces their intimacy and pull towards each other.  They feel fully seen by one another.  The serves to make both feel more alive, but also can reflect each other’s flaws or shortcomings.

Life partners often come from different background that serves to implore each other to better explore each other’s inner and outer worlds.  They typically feel profound comfort with each other and encourage constant companionship that always feels fresh.

  1. Emotional vs. Analytical Behaviors

Soulmates operate on an emotional level.  Words are seldom necessary to convey thoughts, feelings, needs or ideas.  You both just instinctively get it, as your bond is consistent.

Life partners operate on an analytical plane.  They are bonded by intellect and finding a satisfying way of interacting.  They strive to get know each other at deeper levels with an unquenchable thirst for curiosity about one another.

  1. The Timing of Your Meeting

Soulmates arrive when you need to reinvigorate your life.  Perhaps you need closure or attain a new skill.  This cumulates in you becoming a new and improved version of yourself.

Life partners appear when you are focused on living in the present moment.  You have done some hard work, and now seek to rest and savor life.  Life partners frequently are spouses or close friends that allow you to enjoy a full existence as yourself, but have those joys heightened when you share space with your life partner.

It is important to note that it is possible for a soulmate to also be your life partner.  What most sets apart the label soulmate from life partner is the ability to select a life partner, whereas a soulmate connection is preordained.  No one relationship is more important than the other.

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