Finding Your Spiritual Match

Finding Your Spiritual Match

There are many ways that you can meet someone that you are physically attracted to but how do you attract your soulmate?

Sometimes, you can see a psychic that can use their abilities and gifts in order to advise you on what you should do about your live.  They can help to read your aura and the energies around you to see if you are ready to have a soulmate come into your life or if you are not.

If you are a young person that lives in the city, having hookups and online dating can be a habit that is formed but these dates normally don’t go very far.  They will be okay and if that is what you want then you should go after that but if you are wanting to connect with your soulmate, then things have to be different.

A soulmate is a part of your spiritual being that is waiting for the right time to come to you.  This type of relationship takes effort and time and there are things that you have to do to attract your soulmate.  This will not be a physical attraction always but a spiritual one.


Take time to look around at people around you.  Don’t look at your phone and keep your eyes down.  You have to look at people in order to know if you are going to be attracted to them or not.  Many people miss their partner because they are too busy doing other things.

Pay for It

Do something nice for someone like pay for their coffee if they are in line behind you.  You might even meet someone that y you want to date and someone that wants to meet you.  This is a nice thing to do no matter what.


Always have your home ready for an extra guest.  If you have a bed that is covered in stuff, take time to clean it off.  Arranging your home for a special guest can allow the universe to know that you are ready and looking.

Go Out by Yourself

When you are out with a group, you might be harder to approach.  Stop blocking the energies of those that might see you and find someone at the bar or the restaurant to have a chat with.  If they occupy your thoughts after, then you might have met your match.  This can give you something to do that is fun.

Take a Trip

Take time to go out of town and take a trip.  Go by yourself or with a small group of friends.  Maybe while you are out you will meet someone that catches your eyes.  Meeting someone that is connected to you can be helpful and this can happen while you are on vacation.


Let the universe know that you are ready to meet your spiritual mate by meditating.  Don’t be super specific about what you want but have certain things that you have in mind.  Talk to the universe and tell the universe what you want and who you want to complete your life.

Give Them a Chance

Do not settle for someone that you don’t need.  If you don’t want a certain person, that looks or acts a certain way, give them a chance anyways.  Sometimes energies do not go how you expect them to.  Sometimes a feeling can change when you have fun with someone.

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