Are You an Empath?

Are You an Empath?

An empath is a person that has a special gift to feel the emotions and energies of the people around them.  Empaths have strong intuition and they feel what people are feeling at a deep level.  These feelings can be so strong for an empath that they have physical sickness over it.

When you are an empath, you will have different signs such as being very sensitive, giving yourself to others, taking care of other people’s needs, being understanding of emotions of others, having a hard time knowing the difference between your feelings and the feelings of others and being in emotional situations.  People that are empaths will need time alone and time in nature.

Being an Empath

Being an empath means that you will feel the emotions of others every time you are around them.  You might feel overwhelmed and feel that you are always absorbing the feelings of others.  You might feel that you are powerless to the energies around you and that you become upset and sick after a long day.

Even though being an empath is hard, it is not a curse.  This can feel like it because you have such strong feelings, but the truth is, this is an amazing gift.  1 in 20 people are empaths and this is a good character trait.


  • Intuitive: Feel what others are feeling.
  • Compassionate: You care for others and feel when they are sad and suffering.
  • Caring: You want to help others.
  • Introverted: You stay away from big groups of people.
  • Ask questions: You like to know what is going on and try to understand everything.
  • Creative: You like to make stuff and keep your mind busy.  You love music and painting and do things to express how you are feeling.

Signs You Are an Empath

There are many signs that can show you are an empath.  If you have these signs, take notice of them.


Do you feel bad for other people and want to help them even if they tell you nothing is wrong?  Do you get sad when others are sad?

People that are sensitive can feel the different energies that people and animals have.  They cannot always tell if the emotions are their or someone else’s.

You Just Know

When you are an empath, you know things.  You can tell if someone is real or if they are lying.  You know things don’t happen accidently and you know the purpose for things happening.  You can understand people in their world and know what and why they are feeling things.

An empath can have spiritual connections and can experience things in the supernatural such as near-death experiences.


When you are places that a lot of people are, you will become overwhelmed because there is too much emotion going on.  You will be at a place where there is too much energy and it will cause you to be stressed out.  This could be the mall or a concert.

This could cause you to have the feelings of those around you and can cause you to be mentally distressed.


When you are an empath, you will see that everyone wants to tell you their problems.  When you aren’t taking care of yourself, you can feel overwhelmed and be unhappy in your life.  An empath will hear the stories of strangers and children, old people and animals will be attracted to you.

An empath will be bombarded with everyone’s problems and will have conversations that will cause them to have emotional overload.


Even when no one is around, you can get the energies of people’s emotions just by being close to them.  Even if you are a few cities away, you can feel the negative feelings that people are having.  This can cause you to become weepy or angry without any real reason.

Drawn In

When you are drawn to people hat are hurting, you will want to see how the world works.  You will want to understand things that people are going through and you will work to figure out how to help them.

Different Cultures

If you are interested in spirituality or different religions, you will try to understand them and to know what they are thinking.   You will look for the truth in things and will have a desire to understand the purpose of the world.

You might see different religions interesting and try to seek the truth in each of the different origins and cultures.


Empath’s are curious about where they came from and are interested in people’s pasts.  They will try to find out everything in their ancestry and will want to hear stories and keep the keepsakes.  They will treasure things their families leave to them.


An empath knows the truth without being told it.  They know when someone is fake or telling lies.  They are able to understand behaviors and will see that something isn’t right even if they don’t know why.


Empaths sometimes have pain because they are drained from all of the emotions.  They sometimes are overly tired and feel the diseases and pains others feel.  The aches and pains that they feel can come from the energies of those that are experiencing sicknesses and disease.


An empath might not be able to listen to the news or to read the newspaper because of their emotions.  When they read about rape or murder, they get information that can be stressful and draining.


The solar plexus chakra is found in the digestive system and is part of a person’s emotions.  An empath has so many emotions that he or she might feel constipated or might have back problems.  They do not know that they are sick because of being an empath.


A person that is an empath can end up being an alcoholic or a drug abuser.  They will try to stop their feelings and will do what they can to protect themselves from what they are feeling.


Empaths want to be healers and they do this naturally. They do professional healing and are usually in some type of medical field like a doctor or a vet.


Empath’s are creative and they like to sing and write.  They do things to express what they are feeling.  They have imaginations and they have feelings that are never ending.  An empath might have a bunch of different hobbies.

Alone Time

Empaths have to take time alone so that they can rest from their emotions.  They need to do this, so they are not depressed or overwhelmed in life.  Empaths need time to reflect on their feelings.

When they are alone, they can take time to work through their emotions and set boundaries for themselves.


Empaths are easily distracted, and they need to be grounded in everything that they do or they can lose their concentration.

Animals and Nature

Empaths love to be outside and they like this because it gives them peace and grounds them.  Empaths can connect with animals and nature and are sensitive to the treatment of animals.  If someone is hurting an animal, an empath knows it.


Empaths don’t like to eat meat because they can feel the suffering of the animals from before they died.  Empaths are sometimes overweight because they emotionally eat.


Empaths want to know what is happening and they like to solve problems.  They will have unanswered questions and get frustrated easily.  They are always searching for answers and they need to be alone and in quiet so they can understand it all.


Empaths are highly compassionate, and they are fighters for those that are bullied or mistreated.  They want to help everyone in all situations, and they put others above themselves.


Empaths like to see things clean and don’t like things to be messy.  They have a touch of OCD and want to see things in order.  They feel like clutter is unnecessary and it blocks their energies.


Empaths like clothes that are relaxed, and they don’t like wearing things that are restrictive like jewelry or clothing.  They wear plain things and find clothes that are comfortable all the time.


Empaths love to travel and like their freedom.,  They like to be places where there are no rules and where they can be happy.  They like to be adventurous and daring.

Old Soul

Most empaths are old souls and they have been reincarnated from a different life.  They are born and seem to grow up immediately and are very mature.


People that are empaths cannot deal with narcissistic behavior.  They avoid them at all costs.


An empath cannot hide what they are feeling, and they will show the world.  They will have high mood swings and will have different feelings based on the world around them.  If they have too much negativity put on them, they might feel negative or sad.


Empaths love doing things they love to do.  If it is something they don’t like, they don’t want to do it.


Empaths do not go places with maps or direction, they just go by what they know.  They will not pay attention to the way the climate changes or time changes.


Empaths like to buy things from antique shops and love old things.  They feel the emotions of the person that had the object before them, and they like to have things that have a meaning.


Empaths are the best listeners and they do this because they share your information and your energies.  They will be close to you if they love you.

Few Friends

Empaths have very few friends because they have a hard time believing in people.  They often feel like they are mistreated, and they have a very small circle of friends.  They get very close to the friends that they have, and they always have love and respect for their people.


Empaths love to be in the water such as bathing or in the ocean.  The water keeps them cleansed and helps to cleanse their aura.  Water is very important to them.

Types of Empaths

Emotional:  They feel the emotions of others.

Animal:  They feel what animals are feeling and can communicate with them.

Mental:  They have mental and physical symptoms and they can be healers.

Plant:  They can sense what a plant needs and feels sad when you try to cut down a plant.

Geomantic:  They are tuned with the earth.

Pros and Cons

Being an empath is a good thing and can help you relate to others and the universe. There are emotions that can be strong and being an empath can take a physical toll on the way someone lives.


  • Good listening skills.
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Creative
  • Sensitive
  • Peaceful
  • Intuition


  • Withdrawn
  • Too much emotional burden
  • Addictive behavior
  • Overwhelmed constantly

There are things an empath is such as sensitive, but there are things an empath is not such as:

  • Immature
  • Unstable
  • Dependent
  • Egotistical
  • Self-centered
  • Attention demanding


If an empath feels these things, he or she can be imbalanced or sick:

  • Pain
  • Stomach pain
  • Tiredness
  • Overeating
  • Undereating
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling in a dark place.
  • Being alone too much.
  • Feeling alone in a crowd.

Being an empath means there are a lot of emotions. These emotions can be overwhelming.  To avoid being overloaded, you can do these things:

  • Be creative: Sing, draw or paint.  Find things you love.
  • Guarding: Make sure to guard your own feelings and to meditate.
  • Speak up: Let yourself say what you are feeling.  Speak up.
  • Go outside: Be part of nature.
  • Water: Swim or take a bath.  Water can help center you.
  • Chakras: Make sure your chakras are open.
  • Crystals and Stones: Use crystals and stones to help you heal and use them while you meditate to help ground you.
  • Avoid negativity: Stay away from people that are always negative.
  • TV: Don’t watch too much television or the news.
  • When you get anxious, meditate and take time for yourself.
  • Ground yourself when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Pray: pray on a daily basis for healing and motivation.
  • Spiritual healer: Find a spiritual healer to help you.
  • Support and therapy: If you become too overwhelmed, get professional help.
  • Positive things: Talk about positive things on a daily basis. Be thankful.

Loving Yourself

Love yourself and be attuned to your gifts. Do not be upset about your gifts and be thankful for them.  Connect with other people hat are empaths and if you are confused or having problems coping, go and get professional help.

Sometimes being an empath can cause you to be overly emotional and highly sensitive.  This is okay.  Even if you feel upset, do not let yourself feel that this is a curse and know that it is a gift and you should embrace it.

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