Having a Twin Flame Union

Having a Twin Flame Union

If you haven’t received your union with your twin flame, it can be because you are not choosing to have a twin flame. That is the only reason that you will ever have a separation from them and not meet them.

Happening Fast

If you already have your twin flame with you then you will know that there is a chance of separation.  Separation is when you get rid of the idea of your twin flame and this can happen, but it can be healed.  There are unhelpful twin flame teachers that make mistakes and tell us that we will not have a twin flame. You should never be focusing on your next lifetime because it is the lifetime now that you need to worry about.

Time is just a tool and you don’t need it in every situation.  Each time part of you heals, you can see your mirror twin flame coming closer to you.  You don’t have to be completely healed to have your union.  When you get rid of blocks and become healed, you could see your twin flame coming to you closely.  You might be in separate places and then after you heal, they end up in your room.

There is a belief that your twin flame is untouchable and only a few are lucky to find it but that is not true.  The path to your twin flame happens through math and is easier when you don’t have a blockage in your heart or mind.

Manifesting Your Twin Flame

Nothing can prevent you from having your twin flame in this life.  They are not your reward for being good or working hard, they are a result of manifestation and by being a mirror to your soul.

Why do people that are the meanest and corrupt people get all the good things like riches and fame?  Those people are good at manifesting to get what they want and are not part of their actions.  They just know how to focus on what they want.

All it takes to manifest something such as your twin union is to focus on what you want.  Find out what you are passionate about and what you want in life.  Each person has a spiritual idea and you don’t have to be perfect to have your union; you just have to remove blocks that are stopping the union from happening.

It is important to get your thoughts in order and to align them with your twin flame.  To do this, you have to work through things that you are struggling with and you have to learn to figure out what lessons you need to learn to get your union to come to you.

Don’t let people tell you that if you work hard you can get your union, it doesn’t work that way.  Your twin flame will come when the universe knows that it is time for them.  The thoughts and beliefs that you have can make it open up and happen.

Never give up on who you are and work on your emotions and get rid of your negative thoughts.  It could happen that your twin union happens tomorrow or in a year.  Your twin flame might even happen today.  It doesn’t matter if your twin flame is married or if you are poor.  Your twin flame might be rude to you and upset you, but the universe uses them as a lesson for you and if you want a union, you will get it.

Are You Ready?

If you want a twin union, you can get it.  You can get rid of obstacles that are holding you back if you don’t give up.  Ask the universe to show you where your twin flame is and how to get with them.

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