Spiritual Awakening

Going Through Your Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is not about waking up, but it is about knowing what is inside of you that can help you to find your purpose.

Going through an awakening is something that is slow, and it is a process that helps to get rid of the ego and the negative parts of what the ego does to hold you back.

Some people believe that the ego is part of your mind and it is something that causes us to act negatively and to miss out on our convictions in life.

There are different actions and characteristics that we learn over time and no matter how different we are, we never reach our full self before we reach our awakening.

Humans are always evolving, and our species is one that hates to change but this is because of our ego and because of our uncertainty.

There is a belief that we have reached our full self when we learn to separate from our “I.”  The qualities that we have in our life allow us to work with our ego and we learn to interact with our ego and to separate good from evil.

Instead of taking control of our ego though, we allow our spirit being to stay trapped and we allow our ego to control us.

What Happens When We Follow Our Ego?

The ego is what we go through and what keeps us feeling prideful and in control of ourselves. The ego will limit who we are and will not let us identify with goodness or to change our thought pattern.

The ego limits the things that we know, and it causes us to live in a bubble and to not learn to face things that cause us to be held back such as racism or other negative thought processes.

Once we learn to express our emotions and we don’t let them hold us back we can get closer to our spirit being and be stronger.

What is an Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is when we learn to let go of our judgements and we learn to accept things and allow change to come.

We change our behaviors, and we choose to allow the universe to be part of our lives. We stop being selfish and we allow ourselves to recognize that there is more outside of our lives.

An awakening is not about being religious, but it is about reaching our higher being and tapping into our lives.

It allows us to let go of the negativity that holds us back and shows us that there is more than who we are.

Awakening opens up your conscious thinking and allows us to feel connected to the world around us.

Myths About an Awaking

There are many myths about going through an awakening and it is more about being open over being different.

Looking for the Light

One of the first myths is that people chase after a light. Awakening doesn’t mean that you let go of darkness, but it means that you are letting go of negativity and you are being flexible in your thinking.

Being Better than Others

Going through an awakening does not make you feel that you are better than others, but it awakens you to the injustices that others feel and helps you to understand people better.

This allows you to be more moral and helps you to improve who you are.

Good Versus Evil

People that go through an awakening will not get rid of their goodness or their evil, but they will learn to think outside of the evil and learn to figure out who they are. They will stop seeing bad things as good and vice versa.

Healing Time

One of the big things about going through an awakening is that we are able to let go of things. We let go of baggage that holds us back and we learn to let go of our past hurts.

Symptoms of an Awakening

People will go through different things when they are going through their awakening and it can be different for everyone.

Here are some symptoms that you might be going through your spiritual awakening:


You find that you want to have a purpose in your life. You want to have a meaning and you seek it.


You may feel that you are lost and alone and you do not belong.


This is a time where you might feel that you want to be alone and you want to reflect on your own life.

Life is a Lie

You might feel that your life has always been a lie and that you need to come to reality that you are changing.

Different People

People that have always been in your life might be a part of your past now. You may not understand the people that you have had close to you.


Chances are that you will be more sensitive and compassionate than ever before.


You will find that you no longer want to have shallow conversations and if the conversation has no meaning then you are not interested in it.

Making a Difference

You want to make a difference in the lives of those around you. This comes with change and you want to see things change around you.


Humans like to try new things. If you find you are curious about life and opportunities, this can be a sign.

Unconditional Love

You learn what unconditional love is and you feel it for people around you.


Confidence has become stronger and nothing is holding you back.


Your dreams become vivid and you have signs in your dream.

Sex Drive

The sex drive that you had might be lower and you don’t need sex to satisfy you.


Chances are that you are more interested in having a strong body and being active.


You find you have more control in your life and you are not attracted to hurtful things.


You might wonder what has changed and you might experience some uncomforted in your life. This can happen because we are not used to change and sometimes this can cause different things to happen at one time such as:

  • Something happens that is serious, and it shakes you up and makes you question your mortality.
  • You have a life changing event.
  • You step back from letting your ego be in control.
  • You see darkness and you want to change it to light.
  • You experience some crisis.
  • You look for your purpose of being.

Stages of the Awakening

The first stage of the awakening is that you will initiate changes in your life. It means you might feel isolated and you will become aware of your feelings.

You may go through things that are life changing and you find you want a different meaning in your life.


In the second stage, you find that you want to have answers to why you have experienced things in your life. You might question your pain and if you are on the right track.

Learn to understand your own reality and change your way of thinking.


The third stage is the journey. You will go on a journey to find answers and you will wonder if your life and your relationships are part of your journey.

You will find that some things do not any longer make you happy and you learn to stand on your own.


You will begin to change, and you will deal with your pain. You will be a new person and you will get rid of the old self.

These things can be painful for you and you will see that your life is changing and that you are becoming a better part of who you are.


You will see that you want to align your goals with your spiritual being. You will want to reach your higher self and get rid of your ego.

You will learn to identify with yourself and will no longer want to isolate your being. The journey can be a lifelong journey, or it can happen quickly.

Why is a Spiritual Awakening Destructive?

Not everyone has a spiritual awakening that is destructive but those that have went through this in their life will see that their feelings can be destructive.

This means that not everyone can have the same feelings, and some can have a peaceful and calm life and the process can be quiet.

Cleansing Yourself

Learn to get rid of things in your life such as lies. Stop lying to yourself and do not let the lies of the world fill you.

Learn to accept who you are and get rid of lies form your past life.

Spiritual Nudeness

Do not let things in your life change who you are or make your thoughts their own. Let your own thoughts be strong and even if you feel naked in your feelings, allow this to happen.


You will begin to feel empathetic with those around you and you will feel a change. You will care about others and you will not be overwhelmed with negativity but with love.


Chances are that during your awakening that you might feel lonely. This happens because you have to change your feelings and you have to learn to embrace your own feelings and move forward.


The awakening means that you have to surrender who you are and allow the universe to help you. You have to learn to accept your change and to accept the world around you.

This can be a hard thing for you and when you go through destruction in your life this can be called the Dark Night. This can mean that:

  • You have a low mood.
  • You feel lost.
  • You feel dread.
  • You feel bad feelings.
  • You have no motivation.
  • You feel that no one loves you.
  • You lose friends.
  • You feel isolated.
  • You have no interest in life.
  • You don’t feel like you belong.
  • You feel like you have no purpose.

Awakening Journey

Your journey means that you might feel alone at some points in your life, but it doesn’t mean that you are alone. Stop being self-destructive and learn to face your reality.

Change and succeed in your life. This path is hard, and life will have both ups and downs, but you have to work through them in order to make it through your awakening.


No matter what you are going through, know that the universe has your back. You will see that as you go through your awakening that good things will come with it.

You will learn to have better relationships; you will be mindful of who you are and what you want in your life and you will see that your journey is amazing.

Take time to meditate and to figure out who you are, and you will see that your spiritual awakening is a wonderful thing. Embrace it and embrace who you are in life.

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