Clearing Old Love Karma

Clearing Old Love Karma

If you are having a hard time finding new love, you need to clear up some old love and let this karma go.  If you are feeling stuck in our romantic life, chances are you have old karma to blame.  This karma can come when people have had past relationships that were not healthy.  This can block new relationships form happening.  Some believe that karma is just what goes around will come around but that does not really explain what karma is.

We all have karma and we carry both good and bad karma.  When you are living, your karma draws from your past life and can show up any time.  When you create karma, it can be even from new things you have done, or it can be passed down.

Your karma belongs to you and does not belong to anyone else.  Karma manifests itself as events or people and situations in your life.  You will know karma and will see it over and over again until you have it settled.  Unsettled love karma will cause you to have the same types of relationships over and over and you have to learn to clear your love karma if you want to get out of the pattern.

You have to accept the karma and know that you deserved it.  You have to start living to your highest purpose and you will begin to get the love you are looking for.

Here is some way to get rid of old love karma:

Understanding Karma

In order to change karma, you must understand it.  You have to know why you are having karma come to you.  You have to figure out where it started and what you did.  What kind of problems keep happening in your relationship?  Find the issues and find why they are there.  What happened to bring your karma to you?

Respond Positively

You must respond to karma in a positive way.  The only thing you can control is how you will respond to karma.  Even if you don’t want to feel bad karma, it is unavoidable, and you have to just fix it.  Don’t keep doing the same mistakes over and over again.  Have new ideas and intentions and you will get better results.

Your Environment

Change how you live and stop being in the same place that is causing you to be stressed or upset.  Learn to move on and find better things.  When you break up with someone, move on and find a better place to live.  Do not let things get you upset or take away your health.  Find a way to get better and improve your life.


You have to learn to forgive if you want to stop getting hurt.  When you forgive others and yourself, you allow yourself to control the karma in your life.  When you forgive a former partner, you will see that you become detached from them and you no longer feel pain.  You will start to understand and know what life is giving you and you can determine what kind of emotions you have for this.  Forgiveness brings peace and you will find happiness once you forgive.

Good Karma

The best way to get rid of bad karma is to get good karma.  You can do this by doing good and loving others.  You need to be in relationships where you can be positive and not try to take away someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend.  Treat your partner with the best respect and be honest and love them.  This is the way you can make good karma come to you.  Always treat others how you want them to treat you.


Do small things to cleans your body and to cleanse your energies.  Go outside and walk in nature, meditate, welcome the spirit guides to come and help you.  Cleanse yourself by loving others unconditionally and by speaking positive affirmations in your life.


You can do many rituals each day in order to cleanse your karma and your life.  Even though karma is part of you, clear out the old karma and replace it with a happy and loving relationship.

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