Moon Impact Women

How the Phases of the Moon Impact Women

The moon has many effects on humans. There are mental, spiritual, and physical changes that are caused mostly by the phase of the moon. For centuries, various religions and cultures have sought the guidance and comfort of the moon. In fact, many feel an unexplainable affinity to the moon as it steadfastly sits in the night sky. Though the moon tends to affect all humans, there is a special connection with womankind. In astrology, the moon is a guiding power for the female, influencing emotions, monthly cycles, fertility, and at one time it was thought to produce hysteria in women. As the moon’s energy ebbs and flows, our spirits can respond in like. The new moon can leave us feeling drained while a feeling of exhaustion can be felt when the moon is fullest. It should not come as a surprise that more emergencies and crimes occur during a full moon. This is called the ‘lunar effect’. As our personal journey progresses, it can be important to pay attention to the phase the moon is in at the time. Each of these will be explained in detail below.

New Moon – Fresh Starts

A new moon begins when the sun, moon, and earth align and the sun is cast in a way that the moon is not visible. A new moon should be thought of as a fresh start or new beginning. In ancient communities, the new moon was associated with women’s menstrual cycles and indicative of rebirth. It is still believed the woman are highly responsive during this time so tap into your feminine energies to consider how you are really feeling. A new moon is also a perfect time for reflection on current life events and embrace changes that are already beginning. It may be a time when we feel drained and spiritless, but it is a time when we are willing to reboot and rid ourselves of negativity that has been playing on our mind. Spend this time in purposeful interactions to reinvigorate the self.

Waxing Crescent – Planning

The waxing crescent appears just as the moon orbits the earth as the sun casts a slither of visible light onto the moon and reflects it back to earth. The waxing crescent is the ideal time to contemplate and plan out future goals. This is the beginning stage in which you recharge and the energy and positivity are given to us so we can brainstorm and begin acting on long put off projects. This is a great time to finish up that to-do list at home and clear the way for greater things.

First Quarter – Facing Challenges

Within a week, we are a quarter of the way through the monthly moon cycle. This is when the moon comes into its first quarter and the moon is sitting on a 90 degree angle between the earth and sun with half of its surface reflecting light. We may have already noticed some momentum building as we absorb more energy. As the pace picks up in life, we may come across obstacles that can derail us if not prepared. It is important to know these may arise and be in the right headspace to stay on track. During this first quarter we must stay focused on action, not fall into complacency. It will take extra work to do so during this time. The key is to remain malleable if a sudden change does occur. Try starting a checklist to have things to do in writing so you can stay organized during this time.

Waxing Gibbous – Re-Evaluation

In the axing gibbous phase, we are only one phase from the full moon. This period provides greater clarity toward projects and goals. The end of the cycle is in sight, so the waxing gibbous is the final stretch of the journey. We have already faced bumps in the road and overcome, so now is the time for refinement of what has been learned. Adjust and re-evaluate as needed.

Full Moon – Results

When we see the moon at its fullest, the sun and moon are on the same ecliptic longitude, but on opposite sides of the earth. The sun illuminates the entire moon face without obstruction to we see it fully illuminated. During this time, it is common for tensions and emotions to run high when the moon is full due to the high levels of energy the moon gives at this time. The sun and moon are also pulling on opposite sides to create opposing extremes. During the full moon we need to keep emotions in check to avoid doing something we regret. The full moon is also indicative of reaping rewards from our hard work. We have come to the end of the journey and now we can reveal the results and benefits.

Waning Gibbous – Contemplation

After the moon has reached its fullest, it starts to lose illumination as it begins to journey around the earth once again. All the hard work of the previous few weeks has reached a conclusion. Now we need to reflect on these conclusions with attention to the people around us. Our emotions will have simmered slightly as we are left feeling contemplative about how our actions affect others. Now is the time to reach out and make contact with those we have not been in contact with for a while. We may also feel more generous.

Last Quarter – Letting Go

Just like in the first quarter, the last quarter is the time when the moon is half illuminated, but in the opposite direction. The last quarter is a time when we need to let go and liberate ourselves from negativity that may have previously consumed us. Our emotions should feel at ease as the extreme polarization of the moon and sun diminish. It is important to rest and prepare for a new cycle. Leave planning and brainstorming until the first moon phases come back again. This is a time for reflection.

Always keep in mind that women are even more effected by the phases of the moon. The phases are symbolic of the menstrual cycle as each draws on our emotions and bears different indications of how best to take action in a situation. We women must learn to replicate this journey of starting anew and letting go to live as abundantly as possible.

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