How to Balance Your Root Chakra

How to Balance Your Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is one of the most important chakras in the bod because when it is blocked, your other chakras will be blocked as well. It is important to make sure that all of your chakras are balanced so that you can have a strong and healthy mind, body, and soul.

Being angry and not being able to be in control of your life can mean that your Root chakra might need balanced. When this chakra is balanced, you will have self-confidence that you need to be calm and collected and to be helpful when needed.

Here are some things that can help you if you need your Root Chakra balanced:


When you imagine the color red flowing through your body from your head to the spine and down to the ground, you can cleanse your Root chakra. Imagine the light being red and surrounding you and let yourself be grounded with the universe.


Dance around your house. Play some music and have fun. Sing and dance like it’s nobody’s business.


Do some yoga and different poses and imagine yourself seeing things in red. Put your foot on the mat and keep the pose so that your hips are square, and your feet are tucked in.

Make sure you use real yoga poses and that you are creative in the poses that you do. You can make some of your own poses up and make sure that you engage yourself.

Put your hands at your side and use your muscles such as your triceps. Let yourself be in the pose for about 10 seconds before switching sides and allow yourself to be part of the earth.


Take a bath or a shower and this can cleanse you from negative energies. Let love fill you and be mindful of your meditation.


Go outside and walk in nature. Let yourself concentrate on where your feet go on the earth. Take your shoes and socks off and go barefoot.

Going into nature can make you to be balanced and can cleanse your chakras at the same time.


Go out with your friends and take care of your feet. Have someone do a pedicure on you and make sure that your energy is strong and that you are strong in your body.

The Root chakra will need to be balanced so that you can be healthy and strong. Make sure that you are paying attention to what you need so that you can keep yourself well and healthy.

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