How to Clear Your Chakras to Improve Relationships

How to Clear Your Chakras to Improve Relationships

This year has been a challenge for many as it forced people to spend almost all their time with certain family members while forbidding spending any time with others. All of this could lead to relationship problems from intense aggravation to a disconnect. Some may find that clearing chakras can help clear the family drama and bring about positive changes.

Those who are not familiar with this idea, this is a form of energy healing called reiki healing. It can be done hands on or by distance. In this case, you can do it on yourself without anyone else’s help.

The Chakras

There are seven chakras in the human body and each are related to both a body part as well as an attribute and a color. The chakras are described as:

  • Root chakra, located at the base of your spine, with the color red and the attribute of basic trust.
  • Sacral Chakra, located below your bellybutton, with the color orange has the attributes of sexulaity and creativity.
  • Solor plexus chakra, located in your stomach, is associated with yellow and denotes power and wisdom.
  • Heart chakra, located near your heart in the center of your chest, is linked to green and to love and healing.
  • Throat chakra, located in your throat, is connected to the color blue and the attribute of communication.
  • Third eye chakra, located in between your eyes, is assocated with the color indigo and awareness or sight.
  • Crown chakra, located at the top of your head, is linked to the color violent and associated with knowledge or spirituality.

To clear these chakras, you first need to find a quiet, comfortable location and settle in. Take some deep, relaxing breaths and set your intention that flowing, positive, cleansing, healing energy is flowing through your body.

Start with the root chakra as it is connected to the earth. Think about your feet being rooted and amplify feelings of safety and security. Imagin energy flowing from the earth through your feet and through your body.

Now, allow the energy to move to your sacral chakra to cleanse and balance it. Allow it to remove any blocks or sluggish energy. Find your feedom. Then, allow the energy to enter the solar plexus.

You will notice a change when you focus on the heart chakra because this is the connection between our spirituality and our body. As the heart signifies deep healing powers and unconditional love, you need to ensure this chakra is both recieving and giving love and healing. To do that, set your intention as a two-way flow.

The throat chakra is about communication and that includes both verbal, written and non-verbal language. This is a powerful chakra and you need to define what is your energy versus energy that is not yours. This is a process you must feel.

As you get to the third eye, this is where you see spiritually and connect to what matters the most to you. This is where you learn to listen to and trust your higher self. The crown chakra is highly affected by this energy flow you are producting as it is the point of knowledge and spirituality. It is how you live in the divine of your life.

Continue visualizing a life force energy moving throughout your body as it helps you release or remove blocks or shadows. You can imagine it any way you like as long as it is flowing. This is out it stays fresh, clean and balanced.

Clearing your chakras will leave you feeling more at peace and balanced and ready to work through all relationship issues with calmness, wisdom and love.

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