Your Relationship is Worth Fixing

How to Know if Your Relationship is Worth Fixing

Love is different for everyone and sometimes you will meet someone that you just feel connected to and you feel like they are someone that you want to keep pursuing afterwards. Sometimes this kind of situation can be great and easy but other times it can be a challenge and you wonder if the risk is worth taking.

Maybe you have lived in different places in your life and maybe you have someone that you love that has to move away soon. You might not have the same religious ideas, goals or you might even think what you want is too different for the future. Maybe you or your partner are sick, and it is causing the relationship to be harder.

No matter what happens, everyone goes through things and you have to figure out what kind of dealbreaker that you have in your relationship and what obstacles you are willing to face to make a relationship work. There can come a time when you don’t care and you just want to end it, but then there can be a time where you feel that you are willing to do anything to make it work.

This is a matter of what is in your head and what is in your heart. Here are some things that might be worth taking a risk for:


If you are with someone that always makes you smile and makes you feel happy, they might be worth the risk. Finding someone that makes you feel good is not always easy and this should be an important part of your relationship.

Even if she is moving or you have to take a risk for her, it might be worth it if she is one that makes you happy.


If you are with someone that has an STD but the put you first and they make you love them and show you ultimate love, they might be worth risking for.

Finding someone that will put you first is important and if you can be safe and be with someone, no matter what health issues they are going through, you may have found a winner.

No Matter What

Even if you have religious differences, you might have to make a choice if you want to be with your partner or not. Figure out if dating them is worth the problems that you might face later.

You may even have family that is against you dating someone out of your religion. Figure out what is important and then know if they are worth the risk.

What You Want

Finding a person that will ask you what you want in life can make all of the difference, but what if it is someone that is known as a player?

Chances are that this person is there to play you or maybe you are the one that has changed his heart. Are you going to take a risk and see? Sometimes taking a chance might prove to be good for you.

Waking Up

Waking up to someone that shows you affection can make you want this person. Even if you know that you might have to separate and do a long-term relationship, you might want to take the chance.

Body Language

You can tell if you are falling for someone by the way that they make you feel. If you meet someone that lives far away from you, but you get those butterflies, chances are that you might want to take a chance and give it a try.

You might question your trust for this person here and there because of the long-distance relationship but take time to figure out if they make you happy.


Going out on a few dates can help you to know if someone is interesting or not. When you are out and you find out that the guy that you are with is a giver, he might be a keeper.


Dating can be scary and sometimes it can be risky but if you find someone that is there for you when you are sick, you may have found a keeper.

People have a hard time dealing with those that are sick and if you find someone that will be there to hold your hair back when you are throwing up, they can be the right person for you.


Taking a risk can be important when it comes to the dating scene. Look at your relationship and see if dating someone is worth taking the risk and changing your life.

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