Protecting Your Energy Field

Protecting Your Energy Field

People sometimes ask how to protect their energy field.  Sometimes I take on other peoples energy if I know them or if I don’t.  Sometimes if I am in a certain place, it affects how much energy I have.

What is an energy field?  This is part of our spiritual body that is around our physical body.  This energy is known as our Aura.

It is important to understand that you have energies that are external and that are around you all the time.  These energies can affect your auric field and also your mental and physical body.

We get energy from people all the time, even if we know it or not.  It is negative or positive and it can be someone that you are around that is sad or angry and you have a dark feeling about them.  When you are around these people, you start to feel your energy going away from them.  Or, you might start to feel angry yourself, because this affects your feelings and your thoughts.  You might start to feel sick or have tightness in your chest.  You might not even notice it but after you leave from them, you might feel drained or tired.  You might not even notice this until someone points it out to you.

Why do these things happen?  They happen because you let their energy enter into your field or you give them your energy even if you don’t realize you are doing it.  So, how are we able to protect our own energy from people around us?

This becomes a conscious attempt to keep yourself safe.  You do this by protecting your energy field and not allowing people to take away your energy or give you their negative energy.

How to Protect Your Energy Field

We can protect our auric field when we understand more about it.  We also can use daily meditations and learning to help us understand more about our central energy.

Spiritual Protection

Mirrors-If you can think about mirrors all facing outward and reflecting energy from where it came from, this will help you to stop energy from coming into your own field.

Shower-Water can help to cleanse our energy field.  If you shower after you have been around negative people or places, you can be refreshed.  Use cool water so that you can imagine the water cleaning your field and washing all the negative down the drain.

Smudging-Smudging is when you use different sticks to burn to clean your area.  Burn things like cedar or sage in an ashtray or a bowl.  Find these items at your local health store and burn them to cleanse your area.  You can find these in spray form as well.

Flowers-Flowers can help with therapy and can clear your energy field and protect you from negative things.

Meditation-Daily meditation can help you to ground yourself and clean your energy field.

Use these tips to help you stay energized and healthy at all times.

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