Will a psychic know who you should marry?

Will a psychic know who you should marry?

Most humans are impatient by nature.  If we haven’t found a match by a certain time we began to wonder when we will meet The One.  This is why psychics are inundated with queries from clients about when and if their single status will change.

A psychic can give you relationship guidance as work towards your goal, but there is no way they can pinpoint the exact day and time when your love will come along.  This is because everyone has free will and while they can guide you, there is no certainty.

But can a psychic help you with love.

How do psychics help with love?

Each psychic has different way to look at things. Each has a different method of pairing up potential matches.  They do this by:

  • Looking at the energy of the pair
  • Seeing how your souls match up
  • See if a match is imminent

A healer may be able to help with any issues you are carrying around that may be preventing you from finding a match.  This will keep you from repeating any previous mistakes. This is excellent because it could keep a slow growing romance healthy.

The only thing a psychic will not be able to do is accurately predict when and where you will meet your intended.  If you find this hard to understand think about the perception of time.  Time is not linear.  The spiritual realm doesn’t work in they way that we think. This is exactly why they can’t just pluck the spiritual out of thin air and put into a linear time frame.

A psychic can help by revealing aspects of your mate. This can be problematic because it could turn you a bit tunnel visioned when you begin to meet people.

You should always be open to all possibilities, especially when it come to love.  You still have free-will and no one can tell you where it can take you.

We fixate on the idea of just one person who is fated for us. One love for one lifetime. That’s not always true. Some people are brought together by fate because their souls have a previous connection. That is not an absolute. Some souls have fulfilled their soul contract and are ready to choose a new path.

Sometimes free will and fate come together. And there will be a point where you will have to make a decision for yourself.  You and you alone are the one who can make the decisions for yourself.

When you go to an advisor to help you make relationship decisions, try not to let your better judgement be clouded by what your ideal mate looks, sounds and smells like.  There are better questions such as how can you be open and receptive to romance.  Ask if there are ways you can improve to make the most of what will come in your future.

If fate has a love in mind for you, you will meet them. Until then, be patient and enjoy your own life journey. You have the freedom and the tools to make your life what you want it to be.

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