Utilizing the power of intuition

Utilizing the power of intuition

Intuition is always that voice at the back of your head that tells you to do something. It’s that thing you always feel when feeling betrayed. It is that inner feeling that tells you something. Despite various misconceptions about intuition, it is advantageous. It allows you to comprehend and use information that will give you guidance throughout life.

Ways in which intuition enhances your life

What exactly do intuitive individuals do distinctively, and how does this enhances their lives?

  • They pay attention to their inner voice rather than ignoring it. Isolate yourself from people, have some “me” time and pay attention to that voice at the back of your head. When we balance our instincts and rational thinking, will be able to make the best decisions.
  • They accurately practice empathy. They can read other people’s language and tone to understand their thoughts and feelings. More meaningful relationships are developed this way.
  • They create. When creativity functions intuitively, it does its best work.
  • They practice mindfulness. You can tune into your intuition, filter your mental chatter, weigh your options objectively through mindfulness.
  • They trust their gut. There is a reason why intuition is referred to as a gut feeling. At times our bodies try to communicate something to us. Do not ignore them. They are telling you something is wrong.
  • They evaluate their dreams. Although other dreams are nonsense, some are trying to tell us something. Do not ignore these dreams, ask yourself where they came from and what they are trying to teach you.
  • They do away with negative emotions. At times your intuition can fail and you might end up feeling depressed or angry. Those negative emotions are bad for your health. Those who are intuitive are advantageous here, they can accept and do away with these emotions.

Do not mistake the fact intuition is a powerful part of our intelligence that can assist us in making better decisions.

Harness the power of your intuition with the following tips

We can use the following tips to turn up intuition.

What is your gut feeling? You are likely to compete with your thoughts and feelings when making a decision. Rather than overthinking, consider how you’d feel making this decision. Know that anytime you are listening to your gut, you should stay calm.

Inside or outside? Are there forces from outside that are pushing you towards a specific direction? It’s not a bad thing, but do not forget that these outside forces also have a goal to accomplish. Be cautious.

Keep a journal. Write your thoughts on a piece of paper even if you have little to say. This will open your subconscious mind.

Knowing or thinking? I pay attention to gut instincts more. I can make my mind about people just a few seconds of meeting them. In short, at times we don’t need to be told, we just know.

Remember, your gut feeling could not be right. There are times when your gut feeling could be wrong. Make sure your instincts gel with your thoughts before making decisions.

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