Clearing Bad Vitality

Traditional Shamanic Techniques for Clearing Bad Vitality and Psychic Self Defense


Coal is good for those people experiencing bad dreams or nightmares. It absorbs and removes negative energies. Grind the wood coal, then wrap it in a natural fabric, put it under your pillow to aid you to sleep by absorbing recurring negative thoughts and nightmares. This will enhance your spiritual protection and will protect you against psychic attacks.


Pour a handful of sea salt into your bathtub and dive in it for 20 minutes. You may add a spoonful of baking soda. Bath with sulfur if you experience strong bad energies around you. Add six drops of ammonia to the water for psychic attacks or heavy attachments. Boil some rue leaves for 5 minutes and add them to your bath. Other Shamans recommend taking a bath in beers.

You can fill a bucket with water and follow the following procedure for spiritual protection if you don’t have a bathtub. Use the palm of your hand to pour water six times over your right shoulder, left the shoulder and over your head. Do this while paying maximum attention. Do not take a shower after the bath.

Sweating it out

You can get your body purified, toxicity removed when you spend time in a sweat lodge. Sweating excretes the negative energies on the surface of the skin and in the deeper tissues of the body.

Blowing of sugarcane rum

Put a small amount of sugarcane juice under your tongue in your mouth and blow it forcefully on yourself or the people around you. This will ionize and rebalance your body’s vitality and surroundings.


You can use feathers to remove stagnant negative energies. The most preferred feathers are for eagles or wild turkey. Begin on your head to your feet. Let the feathers guide you to feel energy blockages.


This involves brushing yourself with black lava stone to help absorb negative energy to guide against a psychic attack. You can either hold the stone on your hand or put it in your pockets for grounding. Clap the stones around your room for spiritual protection and removing the negative energies.

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