Ways of manifesting your dream reality

Ways of manifesting your dream reality

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as; “why does this happen to me?” why can’t things go well as planned? Why do I always doesn’t have enough?

Now imagine a life where all your dreams come true surrounded by the right individuals. You may have seen the word “manifesting” but what does this mean?

When you co-create your desired reality in vibrational alignment with your intentions that’s manifesting. Several individuals have started believing that indeed our inner worlds have a physical impact on our outer experiences. Your thoughts hold a vibration too since the whole universe is made of energy.

Easy ways to raise your vibration:

  • Discover gratitude
  • Portray an act of kindness
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Take some time and meditate
  • Pay attention to your intuition
  • Let nature give you peace
  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • Play, laugh and be curious about life
  • Leap of faith

Anything you pay attention to grows

Manifestation is not magic although this may sound great and all. It doesn’t involve telling the universe what you want then receiving it in return. Have you ever realized that thinking a lot about what you want is frequently met with more resistance?

That’s because a feeling of lack or being without is where strong desires originate.

There’s persistence in what you resist

The secret to manifesting is paying attention to what you want to see not what you want to feel. It’s usually that feeling that you look forward to and not the visual plan. Your reality is always evolving, therefore, allow your ultimate vision to wax and wane.

What you pay attention to grows if like attracts likes

You are met with a more difficult pattern if you feel overwhelmed about a difficult pattern. Others are drawn towards you when you feel magnetic and desirable. You attract more experiences to be grateful for when you feel full of gratitude.

The universe may not connect with you with anything like a job or relationship because it doesn’t vibrate at the exact frequency of how you truly want to feel. Try to be open-minded with the knowledge that you are in the right direction.

It is the moment of transformation

It is nice to see how transformation happens especially when we listen to the signs and tune in with our power. All of your encounters can be shifted in a higher direction be it a persistent negative emotion or a recurring block in your career.

If you would like to know what you are manifesting in your life, reach out to me today without fear. I will inform you about your life ahead.

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